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Raving Fans!

Superior performance, luxurious style and state of the art technology are what you expect from your motorhome. But we at Milllennium realize that there’s no substitute for excellent customer service. See what our raving fans have to say about Millennium!


“We built our dream coach with Millennium.”

DougandNancy “We found out about the Prevost show in Missouri in 2011 and Millennium was one of the three major players there. Out of all the salespeople at the show, Chris and Nelson were the only ones that gave us the time of day. Chris stayed in touch over the years, and when we decided it was time to buy a coach, Chris was the first person we thought to call! Nelson told me he would build whatever I wanted and he stuck to his word, we just love it all! The design team made the process easy, and all the other features are just how we wanted them, from the Big Green Egg, park lights to the trash compactor. We had so much specialty work done to our coach and everything we was just what we wanted- even if they had never done it before. Even with the additional customization, our coach was finished and ready for the road, exactly when Chris said it would be! We couldn’t be happier with our new Millennium.” -Doug & Nancy

“First of all, everyone is first class in their approach to customer service.”

Stonewood “It was quite evident the amount of work being done in your shop, yet everyone managed to make us feel like we were your only customer.You have made our coach owning experience refreshing from all the other places we have been with our previous coach.Thank you so much for such a great experience.” -Mark Holt

“Just a few lines to let you know how much we enjoy our Millennium.”

Stonewood “After owning ten coaches, five of them Prevosts, we can honestly say we have found the best! Chris Stroup made the purchase of our new coach an easy process, and the creativity from everyone in the shop just amazed us. We found that everyone at Millennium went above and beyond in the service they gave. Jim Brennan was extraordinary in his care of us and Mike and Corey were always there to answer our questions and set us straight. Millennium is a family we are happy to be a part of. Thanks Nelson and Evelyn!.” -Dan & Gwen Rambo

“At Millennium, we were immediately treated like a buyer, they don’t discount you.”

VictorandAnn “Nelson personally showed me the coach and explained all the new features in the motor home. Ann loves that you have remote control from the iPad or even your phone! Nelson not only talked about the coach, but also started telling me about himself and his love of engineering. I immediately knew, I can trust this guy and he can be a part of my family. We have bought cars, homes, yachts, and RV’s and no one treated us as well as Nelson and Evelyn.” -Victor & Ann Duhamel

“What really sealed the deal was Dan’s visit with Nelson.”

VictorandAnn “Nelson’s integrity and understanding of customer service is extraordinary and he has exceeded our highest expectations. It’s like a big family that we’ve been drafted into and we so appreciate all the support we feel from each member of the Millennium team!” -Dan & Bobbie

“I could take my business anywhere else, but the service here is hard to come by.”

VictorandAnn “I could take my business anywhere else, but the service here is hard to come by. We consider Nelson and Evelyn to be family. It’s not about the glitz and glitter, you can tell that Millenniums are first class and that no shortcuts have been taken. There’s no wasted space, I can’t think of anything that I would change. You can tell that Nelson and Evelyn travel in their coaches and then incorporate great ideas.“ -Whit & Linda

“I want to express my appreciation…”

VictorandAnn “…for the extraordinary service and commitment you and your employees provided me when we took delivery of our motor coach at your facility. I spent three full days with you, going over systems, leaning the operation of all the equipment, and becoming familiar with the technology. Every morning Nelson and my salesperson checked in with me to plan the day’s agenda, and your technicians were available to explain all technical queries. Your customer lounge was extremely comfortable, and I truly enjoyed my time at Millennium.” -R. Jerry Nelson

“We love the WOW factor of our new “Rock Star Bus” and it’s full of amazing features.”

VictorandAnn “We just love everything about it, including working with all the people at Millennium. They really take good care of us!” -Mark & Brenda Calvavecchia

“I got online and started researching Prevost converters.”

VictorandAnn “We came across Millennium and I loved the look of their coaches! But every time we were ready to purchase the coach we liked, it was sold. “We were determined to get a Millennium! So we decided to go to the 2010 Supershow to see Millennium’s latest coaches. We found the perfect coach on display and bought it on the spot! We love being part of the Millennium family; there is not a better group of people to do business with. They take care of you anytime of the day or night no matter what. We could not be happier.” -Howard & Debbie

“After years of RV’ing it was clear to me that Prevost built a better chassis.”

VictorandAnn “So 6 years ago we bought our first Prevost. And then after owning many different Prevosts, I realized how important good service was. I wanted a converter who I knew I could rely and depend on!” Nick continued, “While shopping around we came across a Millennium coach. We fell in love with Vonna first and when we met the rest of the friendly Millennium team we were hooked! And not only was the product great, but they also had a great reputation for service… just what I was looking for!” -Nick & Naomi

“Having Nelson behind what he sells is the best feature!”

VictorandAnn “Where do I start…I came to Millennium to look at a used coach. While there, I was introduced to what ended up being my new home. I was shown the inverters, electronics, pressure washer, bay entertainment center with roll out 52” TV, the unbelievable décor on the interior, the massaging pilot seat, the Crestron system, the future build out for my sons basement room and did I mention the unbelievable décor? I probably couldn’t afford it, but I pulled every string in the book and bought my dream coach. I didn’t realize the thing that I liked the most about my coach until a few months after the purchase….HAVING NELSON BEHIND WHAT HE SELLS! As RV’s go there will be mechanical and electrical problems, but everything has been put back into good working order with as little pain as possible thanks to Nelson and his team at Millennium…definitely the best thing about my dream coach!” -Dean & Kendall

“I have found my home with Millennium!”

VictorandAnn “My converter is no longer in business so Nelson and Evelyn took me in. I have used Millennium service for several years now. Their Sanford location is convenient for me as I travel to Ft Myers for the winter. I usually stop on the way down for repairs and maintenance and if I want to have some modification done the service team will take measurements or order parts so everything is waiting to be installed on my way home. Everyone at Millennium is pleasant and professional and I am on a first name basis with many of the service team. Nelson told me to call him if I had any problems, I try not to abuse his offer but one time I had a total electrical failure, I called Nelson as he was skiing down a mountain in Utah. He was able to walk me through my problem and never seemed annoyed. Where can you get service like that?!” -Tom Romano

“I just wanted to tell you about an experience we just had with your tech at a rally.”

VictorandAnn “I had a minor electrical problem that he helped me with, then he took me to school on how to fix that issue in the future. As a result, I booked a couple days with you in April to have your new bay TV model installed. Millennium is a first class, top of the line outfit, please don’t get so big that we become a number like it is with other converters!” -Conrad & Janet

“Thanks so much for helping us with our new coach”

VictorandAnn “We really enjoyed working with you on designing it. We are so happy with how it turned out! We cant wait to take our first trip. It’s a please being part of your Millennium family!” -Mike & Angie

“From the minute you walk in you get a great feeling!”

VictorandAnn “We met Evelyn and Nelson at an RV show. We had just bough a new Monaco at that show but when we saw the Millennium we said “Someday we’ll have one of those coaches!” Everyone treated us so nice that we continued to visit with them and frequently visited their website. Even before we bought a Millennium we were always greeted with the same warm and friendly greeting. From the moment you walk in to Millennium you just get a great feeling. Vonna is always there to make you comfortable. Every employee works together to take care of the customer, even if it’s not their job. You can ask them a question and they will get the answer or find someone to help. Finally last February we decided it was time to join the family. We have never been treated like this at any of the RV companies we bought from previously. The service department has always gone above and beyond to do the best job and make any changes we requested. We’ve always wanted a Prevost and at Millennium you can have it your way!” -Dave & Shirley Hedstrom

“From our number 1 customer……..literally!”

VictorandAnn “I love my Millennium! It was the third unit ever built. I have traveled to 48 states, the five Provinces of Canada and Newfoundland in it. My coach has 100,000 miles ad has performed well and service, when needed, has been exceptional! Nelson & Evelyn are very cordial and wonderful people. It’s been a great journey and we look forward to many more happy travels in it!” -John T & Irene

“You guys are great!”

VictorandAnn “We wanted to thank you for the wonderful way that you take care if us. We have had several motor coaches but none can compare to our Millennium. All of you have become wonderful friends. We’ve had a great time building a new coach with you.” -Linda, Richard & Bruno Haddock

“We truly love our Millennium.”

VictorandAnn “From the beginning meeting Nelson in the parking lot at Millennium on a Saturday morning, through the construction of our coach to the fabulous finished product! What sold us on Millennium was definitely the quality and state of the art electronics, but truly it was the owners of Millennium and their staff. They make you feel like family and that’s what our coach represents – family and wonderful memories of time spent traveling in our beautiful coach. It’s always fun to see David and Nelson’s eyes twinkle when their creative ideas are being discussed!” -David & Shirley Ward

“I wanted to take a moment and share my satisfaction with the sales and service staff there at Millennium.”

VictorandAnn “From the moment we set foot in the door your sales staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Everyone made sure that our questions were answered. Your service manager, Michael was excellent. He always made sure whenever we brought the coach in for service that everything was proper or had it corrected in a timely manner. In addition, he made sure to always answer my phone calls….which was essential being that I was a new coach owner. On behalf of me & my wife we would like to say thank you for taking good care of us and congratulations on a job well done!” -Phillip

“We have had several different coaches and nothing can compare to our Millennium.”

VictorandAnn “The service is second to none. I have called Nelson on a Sunday morning while he was on his way to church. He took care of the problem and even called me back after church to make sure I was still doing okay. When he found out I was having a different problem and was working with tech support to get it fixed he said “Let me help you with that” and proceeded to get on the phone with tech support himself and get the problem resolved. You just don’t get support like that anywhere with any other company. The sales team are just the same way, they’re always there to welcome you when you arrive and make you feel like family. They take care of your every need. We love our Millennium family!” -Ron & Cindy