The Millennium Lifestyle is all about family, friends and fabulous destinations, all in the comfort and luxury of your Millennium motorhome. Whether you’re looking for a simple getaway or planning an extended journey to far-reaching destinations, your Millennium luxury coach gives you the freedom to travel in safety and style, bringing all of the comforts of home right along with you.

Luxury Motorhome Lifestyle Clubs

The Millennium Luxury Coaches family regularly participates in club events throughout the year. The various rallies that we attend are great places to create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. We always have a great time and encourage all of our clients to join in on the fun!

  • FMCA

    For nearly six decades, the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) has been a supporter, educator and ally for RV enthusiasts. With a commitment to simplifying the complexities of the RV world, FMCA empowers over 500,000 members worldwide to revel in the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. By focusing on well-being, both physical and emotional, FMCA creates a nurturing community where RVers can thrive. Experience the journey with FMCA, where expertise, unique benefits and a shared passion for adventure converge to make the RV lifestyle fulfilling and accessible.

  • Bus'n'Bikers Logo

    Bus’n Bikers

    Originating in 1994, Bus ‘N Bikers sprang from friends converging in Sturgis, SD. The club unites luxury RVing and motorcycle enthusiasts, meeting twice yearly at premier RV resorts. Exclusive and non-profit, Bus ‘N Bikers is more than a club; it’s a lifestyle. The elite group’s influence encompasses the pursuit of liberty, creating an enduring legacy on the highways of American adventure.

  • Prevost Motorcoach Club Logo

    Prevost Motorcoach Club

    Prevost Motorcoach Club, a dynamic chapter within the Family Motor Coach Association, stands as a community of motorcoach enthusiasts. With a membership of approximately 225, the club orchestrates two grand annual rallies, providing a lavish 5-day retreat. Engaging 100-150 attendees, these rallies feature delightful breakfasts, nightly dinners and lively open bars with live bands. Destinations vary from the historic streets of Savannah to the lively heart of New Orleans. Prevost Motorcoach Club is reshaping the rally experience, ensuring members foster connections in an ambiance of style, comfort and camaraderie.

  • Road Hogs

    The Road Hogs, established in 2007, seamlessly intertwine motorcoach travel and motorcycle exploration. It’s more than a club; it’s an exclusive invitation to safe, enjoyable camaraderie. Join them on two extraordinary Motorcoach/Motorcycle Rallies annually — where the road beckons and shared adventures await.

  • Royal Coach Club Logo

    Royale Coach Club

    The Royale Coach Club, a vibrant chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association, is a testament to the shared joy of travel. Established in 1998 with 31 Royale coaches at Walt Disney World, the club now boasts over 100 enthusiastic members. Twice a year, this diverse group converges to forge new connections and rekindle old friendships. They host rallies across the United States, featuring excursions, catered meals and plenty of entertainment.