We Don’t Sell Coaches.
We Sell Passion.
We Sell Pride.

Millennium Luxury Coaches is a family-owned company, backed by over twenty years of history and experience in the marine, aviation, and luxury coach-building industries. After many years in the luxury motorhome market, President and CEO Nelson Figueroa founded Millennium Luxury Coaches in 2001 with a passion for all things Prevost.

Innovations & Tech

Our fresh approach to design and innovation shines through in a Millennium Luxury Coach. We combine a healthy respect for the traditions and proven techniques upon which our industry is founded with integration and advancement of the latest technology. Our goal is to constantly strive for improvement and raise the bar for ourselves and our competitors.

iPad Apps for automation

A Culture of Service

Our motto is to answer the phone like your mother is on the other end.

We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied.


Craftsmanship vs Mass Production

The journey of a Millennium Luxury Coach begins in Sanford, Florida, at Millennium’s 100,000 sq. ft. facility where state-of-the art technology meets old-world craftsmanship. While some converters focus on streamlining production through automated equipment, we believe in the quality that comes from a hands-on approach. Each cabinet is hand-built by an experienced and talented artist and craftsman to your exacting specifications.


Built in Value

We invest where it really matters: in the product. Starting with the highest quality components for the exterior, interior, and behind the scenes, we search for the latest in technology, design elements, luxurious textiles, and handmade accessories to give each coach a personalized look and feel, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

A Peek Behind the Curtain at Millennium Luxury Coaches

Working with a Client

Whether you’re buying your first Millennium Luxury Coach or upgrading to a new one, there are few moments more important than when the final pristine product is delivered to your eager hands. In order to offer a little peek behind the curtain of what happens in the steps leading up to the delivery of your luxury coach, here’s an interview with Jim Brennan, Millennium’s Customer Care Manager for the last eight years.

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MLCY: Jim, walk us through what you do.

Jim: Well, it’s quite a lot of work. Once I get notice that a coach is ready for me, she’s spent weeks being built, painted, wired, and tweaked, and I get to be the final eyes and ears before the customer takes her home. The first thing I do is a quality check, spending time each day meticulously checking every square inch of the coach, inside and out. I go through a very detailed list to ensure everything is finished, test all the control panels, appliances, electronics and lighting, make sure the plumbing works, the shades operate properly, test the seals for water resistance, and then my favorite part.

MLCY: Which is?

Jim: I take her out for test drives. We listen for squeaks, rattles, noises, check the ride quality, and make sure that everything will be absolutely perfect for the customer. This process takes a week or so until I’m satisfied that each little detail is exactly how it should be.

MLCY: And then what happens?

Jim: Then we get to the day before a customer arrives. This is when the pressure is on. I go over every square inch of the coach making sure that every detail has been addressed. The coach gets its final wash and wax, I check all the accessories, make sure she’s fueled up and has fresh water on board, and run through the iPads to test all the systems one last time. Better to double-, triple-, and quadruple-check than to hand over a coach that’s not perfect.

MLCY: Is your job done after that?

Jim: It’s just getting started! On the actual delivery day, the customers and I will walk through the coach and I’ll get to show them all the amazing features! If they’re a repeat customer who’s upgrading they might be more familiar, but either way, I’ll make sure they know how everything works before they drive off.

MLCY: Do you find that customers are intimidated by all of the high-tech gear?

Jim: The beauty of the technology we install is that it’s all very intuitive. Even if they’re a little intimidated at first by the iPads and using them to control the coach’s systems, once they see how easy it is, that concern disappears instantly. We’ve programmed and laid everything out in such an instinctual way that even the biggest technophobe will pick it up instantly.

MLCY: What’s your favorite feature to show customers?

Jim: That’s hard to choose, although if the customer requested a specific or unique feature that we installed just for them, I love getting their reaction to it. It’s also great to see how enthralled customers are with the Apple Car Play through the dash radio, the 360 degree camera system, and even the ceramic tint in the cockpit that keeps the driver cool in the sun.

MLCY: And your least favorite feature?

Jim: (laughs) The bidet! Because either they know how to use it already, or they don’t, and either way, it can make for an awkward minute or two. I remember when I first started working here, and I was shadowing Nelson (CEO of Millennium Luxury Coaches) as he did the job I do now. He showed the customer the bidet and for one second, he acted like he was going to demonstrate how to use it. I think the look of horror on my face still makes him laugh to this day.

MLCY: So, after you’ve gone through the coach with the customers and you’re confident they know what they’re doing, is that it for your role? Do you just wave as they drive off into the sunset?

Jim: Not at all. Each customer has my personal contact information, as well as the information for several others, of course, and I am here to personally answer any and all of their questions that come up until they’re completely at ease with the operation of the coach and every little accessory inside. It’s very important that our customers know that they’re basically part of the Millennium family now, and we’re there for them in whatever way we can be. Whether they’re a new customer or a returning one, we want them to understand that we’re there for the long haul, and we’re honored that they chose us for their luxury coach needs!