We Don’t Sell Coaches.
We Sell Passion.
We Sell Pride.

We attribute the success of Millennium Luxury Coaches to our team of dedicated professionals, who share our passion for doing the thing we love. They inspire us to run faster and jump higher.

Our fresh approach to design and innovation shines through in every Millennium Luxury Coach. We combine a healthy respect for the traditions and proven techniques upon which our industry is founded with integration and advancement of the latest technology.

We don’t just have an engineering department, we have a company of engineers, all empowered to design, create and constantly improve our product!

Our goal is to constantly strive for improvement and raise the bar for ourselves and our competitors. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied!

Nelson Figueroa – Millennium Luxury Coaches Owner and Founder

A family-owned company backed by over 20 years of experience and expertise, Millennium Luxury Coaches was founded by Nelson Figueroa with a passion for all things Prevost.

Nelson was born in Puerto Rico where he spent every available moment in construction or destruction. He could take a transistor radio apart and reassemble it by the age of 6. It was this love of electronics that led him to join the U.S. Army at the age of 17.

Nelson’s recruitment in the Night Stalkers 160th Special Operations Aviation Unit changed the trajectory of his military career. Known as the Army’s premier night fighting aviation force, the Night Stalkers worked with the most advanced avionics equipment and pioneered night flight techniques. Nelson often worked with advanced technology years before it ever made it to the civilian market.

Upon his honorable discharge from the military, Nelson put this knowledge to use in the luxury yacht industry, designing electrical systems for well-known super yachts such as Lady Rex and The Viper.

In the early 90s, Nelson was approached by Mike Guth, the founder of Vantare, to design the electrical system on the first Vantare luxury coach. What ensued was over a decade of research and development as Nelson designed and developed new systems and components for the luxury motorcoach market.

In addition to leading the company, Nelson heads up Research and Development and Product Innovation for Millennium and personally oversees the building process of every coach in production.

Nelson Profile Pic

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    Lara - Vice President

    Lara - Vice President - "Our Go to Gal"

    Everyone knows Lara Figueroa, Co-Owner, Vice President, Project Manager, and all-around problem solver for Millennium Luxury Coaches. Born right here in Central Florida, Lara loves traveling all over the world, especially when she gets to spot animals she’d never otherwise see, like a moose in the West, whales off the coast of Oregon, or a Floridian in the snow. With a great sense of humor and a laugh that everyone recognizes in the office, she’s always ready to listen, whether it’s to an employee with ideas, a customer with questions, or her two adopted stepchildren. She admits her biggest fear is getting lost, but you should see her amazing navigation skills when she and Nelson are on the road!

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    Becky - General Manager

    Becky - General Manager - "Queen Bee"

    Becky is Millennium’s General Manager and while she may be strict, she’s actually warm and fuzzy inside! Always pursuing perfection and expecting it from others, Becky sets an excellent standard that we all love to follow. When Becky’s not directing staff on how she would do their job to make sure the final product is absolutely pristine and perfect, you can ask her about her adventures. From floating in the Dead Sea to seeing the Berlin Wall before it came down, Becky’s seen it all (except New Zealand, but that’s on her list)! Whether she’s kayaking, biking, or laying in bed trying to decide if she should be kayaking or biking, Becky inspires and motivates everyone with her energy and passion.

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    Corey - Business Development Representative

    Corey - Business Development Representative - ""

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    Amber - Digital Media Specialist

    Amber - Digital Media Specialist - "Keep Calm & Design On"

    Hailing from England and shaped by the scenic wonders of Florida, Amber is our Digital Media Specialist. Fueled by a deep love for composite photography, hiking, reading, and embarking on exciting journeys, she embodies a true spirit of adventure. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Amber skillfully captures these moments through her lens, weaving together diverse elements to create visually captivating narratives. With a genuine passion for animals, especially cats, she brings her love for these creatures into her work. A zest for life, a great sense of humor, and a profound love for her cherished friends and family define Amber’s vibrant personality. Embracing each day as an opportunity to create lasting memories and nurture connections, she continues to evolve on her artistic journey in the realm of digital media.

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    Jodie - Receptionist

    Jodie - Receptionist - "The One-Woman Welcoming Committee"

    Our receptionist Jodie Kennedy is one of those people who just makes you happy to be there. She’s always ready with a smile or a joke, and it’s her goal to help new people feel comfortable. When she’s not spreading warmth, compassion, and friendliness through the office like Tinkerbell, she spends her time with her pets and her husband at home, or racing her MINI Cooper? That’s right, Jodie is a MINI Cooper enthusiast and has even raced officially on the track! Ask her about it next time you stop by Millennium, and she’ll infect you with her enthusiasm and excitement.

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    Charlotte - Interior Designer

    Charlotte - Interior Designer - ""

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    Cathy - Interior Designer

    Cathy - Interior Designer - "Style With a Smile"

    Cathy is our Interior Designer, and she loves creating beautiful environments for our clients and witnessing their absolute delight when they see what she’s designed. Known for being a kind and caring friend, mother, and wife. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, snorkeling, and going scuba diving. Cathy’s visited some of the hottest spots for underwater exploration in the world, from Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles to the coral reefs of the Bahamas. How does her love of the ocean inspire her work? Ask her and find out!

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    Denise - Interior Designer

    Denise - Interior Designer - ""

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    Elizabeth - Senior Accountant

    Elizabeth - Senior Accountant - "By the Numbers "

    Elizabeth doesn’t just act as our Accounting Clerk – she makes numbers fun! Meticulous and organized, Liza keeps her home running as smoothly as she does her office and does it all with a sense of humor. Coming to us from Puerto Rico, she enjoys Disney, cruises, and Spanish music, but don’t try to talk to her about sports. They haven’t invented one she enjoys yet!

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    Beth - Payroll Administrator

    Beth - Payroll Administrator - ""

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    Victoria - Office Manager

    Victoria - Office Manager - ""

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    Fletcher - Paint Manager

    Fletcher - Paint Manager - "Need an Answer? He’s Got One!"

    Paint Shop Manager Fletcher comes to Millennium Luxury Coaches by way of Portland, Oregon. He’s a creative soul, spending time painting, taking photos, and woodworking when he’s not going to various music festivals. Well, he volunteered to borrow a coach and travel the country visiting festival after festival, but we can’t live without his skills and direction when it comes to keeping production on target! With Jerry Garcia as his spirit guide and the mentality of a prankster, Fletch has an upbeat attitude about the world and a perspective we all could benefit from. “It’s not ‘No, because’ but ‘Yes, if’,” quotes Fletch, and if that doesn’t sum him up perfectly, what could?

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    Jim - Customer Care Manager

    Jim - Customer Care Manager - "A Really Nice Guy…"

    He’s also polite…very polite. He says please and thank you a lot and opens doors for people. He was born in the small town of Medway, Massachusetts. We understand they’re very polite there too. When you don’t find Jim in the shop under a bus, you can find him heading to a car show, listening to classic rock, or playing a little volleyball. Jim’s also a bus guy, a polite bus guy. He knows just about anything worth knowing about buses and he can fix just about anything on buses…. If you say please and thank you.


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    Bob - Production Manager

    Bob - Production Manager - "Millennium’s Very Own Daredevil"

    Bob, our Production Manager, loves doughnuts, but even more than that, he loves mentoring his employees and watching them grow as they learn. One of his favorite parts of working for Millennium is seeing the amazed expressions on customers’ faces when their new luxury coach is delivered – the payoff is worth every second of hard work and meticulous attention to detail. When he’s not playing the drums, Bob skydives, and his next big adventure involves him, a wing suit, and flying free through the open air! For someone who loves adrenaline rushes, Bob isn’t loud and rambunctious. In fact, he’s known around the office for being kind, and that caring attitude is why his team loves him almost as much as his customers do.

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    Willie - Process Manager

    Willie - Process Manager - "At Your Service "

    Other than being late to work, he says his biggest fear in life is getting caught. We’re not sure if he means by the law, or just his momma. He likes “Good sounding music” which tells us he’s not too picky…except when it comes to food. He’s never met a vegetable that he liked, and his idea of healthy food runs along the lines of oatmeal cookies. He loves to play racquetball, baseball, shoot handguns, and work out at the gym.

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    Matt - Assistant Service Manager

    Matt - Assistant Service Manager - ""

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    JR - Assistant Service Manager

    JR - Assistant Service Manager - ""

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    Rich - Service Parts Specialist

    Rich - Service Parts Specialist - "The Helping Hand"

    As a Service Advisor, Rich focuses on helping others and he loves seeing the smiles on customers’ faces when he can solve a problem, answer a question, or fix an issue. Pops, as his kids call him, cheers all six of his children, one currently playing college baseball, and his five perfect grandkids. It brings back memories of his college days as a football star, and he’s still got the skills today! His coworkers and employees all know Rich to be reliable, honest, and friendly, but one thing they might not know is that he’s also an incredible cook!

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    Jake - Service Advisor

    Jake - Service Advisor - ""

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    Corey - Programming Lead

    Corey - Programming Lead - "Like Most Great Minds, Corey is a Man of Few Words…"

    …we mean REALLY few words. As in most days, we’re not sure if he’s programming some amazing new technology, or sleeping. Actually we’d be surprised if Corey does get any sleep, he’s in such high demand around here. Internets down? Call Corey! Need a printer hooked up? Call Corey! Shades Master doesn’t work? Call Corey! As the technical mastermind of our group, he gets to work with things like processors, CPU’s, ECM’s, firmware, and 4G. We’re not sure what this one is, but we hear it’s better than 3G. Actually we’re not sure what any of it is, but are really thankful we have Corey around to make it all work. Apart from all this talent, he’s just a really great guy to hang out with; just don’t ask him to talk about it…

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    Nick - Programming

    Nick - Programming - "Geek Squad Extraordinaire"

    Our IT Tech, Nicolas, knows all of the things none of the rest of us here at Millennium know. He might speak a different language when it comes to technology, but the pride he puts into his work is unmistakable. One of the best aspects of his career, according to him, is the chance to keep learning about procedures, processes, programs, and systems that he never would have had the opportunity to learn in the first place. When he’s not problem-solving for the Luddites on our staff, he spends his free time repurposing old technology, building new technology from scraps, and throwing himself gleefully into the world of tech. We appreciate his knowledge, passion, and willingness not to roll his eyes too badly at some of our stupid questions!

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    Telly - Mechanical Lead

    Telly - Mechanical Lead - "Telly Love, and That’s Not a Stage Name!"

    Telly has the best name of anyone at Millennium. We voted. He won. How could he have lost with a name like Telly Love. Folks, we’re not making that up! We just like to say it. Telly Love. Telly Love. Telly Love. You’re saying it now too, aren’t you?! As much as we like his name, we like him even more. He’s kind, helpful, and he’s never blown anything up or caught anything on fire; which is really important since he’s in charge of our Electrical Department.

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    Adalberto - Parts Lead

    Adalberto - Parts Lead - "Takes the Lead"

    Millennium’s Parts Lead is Adalberto, and he loves that his job presents a new challenge every day. While he may be a bit quiet or shy, he treats his fellow employees with respect and consideration, and we all know he’s someone we can count on. Adalberto dotes on his sons and loves to play sports – everything including basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, and more – with them, instilling in them a sense of competition and athleticism that will serve them well as they get older. Quiet doesn’t mean boring, either – Adalberto expects to have a crazy bachelor’s party and can’t wait to go skydiving without an instructor. If you’re nice to him, maybe you’ll get an invite!

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    Stacy - Purchasing Agent

    Stacy - Purchasing Agent - "The Travel Bug"

    With an infectious personality and sense of humor, Millennium’s Purchasing Clerk Stacy knows how healthy it is to laugh, even if it’s at himself! When he’s not cheering for his favorite team – Go Ravens! – he’s playing video games, watching documentaries, or banging out a drum solo. Stacy loves to travel and wants to explore the world, recapturing the wonderful memories he made in Germany as a teen. Here at the office, we love his tenacity and attention to detail, as well as the way he provides the best experience for every customer. It goes along with the main lesson he’s learned in life – you only get out of life what you put into it!

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    Aaron - Parts Clerk

    Aaron - Parts Clerk - ""

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    Georges - Parts Clerk

    Georges - Parts Clerk - ""

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    Bob - CNC Operator

    Bob - CNC Operator - "Think it, Draw it, Cut it, Build it"

    For years, Bob worked to restore antique aircrafts, and even got to help restore a Steerman 1929, an aircraft flown by Charles Lindbergh! Even now he still likes to build model aircrafts in his spare time. Sounds difficult, right? Well, that’s the thing about Bob. He loves a challenge. You just can’t tell the man that he can’t do something. Well you could, but he’d probably get it done anyways.

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    Brett - Maintenance

    Brett - Maintenance - "The Maintenance Man"

    He also does the dirty work it takes to keep the facility running smoothly. When he’s not making sure everything is spic and span, Brett loves to spend time with his two kids and two grandkids as well as catching the latest sports game. His favorite NFL team is the Dolphins, but he loves watching the Florida Gators play just as much! Some of his favorite memories are tailgating before a game, and he says it almost is better than sitting on the bleachers!

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    Edmondo - Upholsterer

    Edmondo - Upholsterer - "He Actually Goes by Ed, But We Think Edmondo Fits Him Better…"

    This talented upholsterer is a very well-traveled man. Born in Guyana, he moved to New York when he was 27, then finally settled in Florida. Ed loves pretty much any kind of music. He even listens to Opera when he gets home from work! Ed’s favorite part about doing upholstery work is the creative process. He takes great pride in all his work and doesn’t give up until it’s perfect! We love that about Edmondo.

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    Stanley - Upholsterer

    Stanley - Upholsterer - ""

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    Mladenka - Upholsterer

    Mladenka - Upholsterer - "Don’t Let That Smile Fool You…"

    The first thing you think when you meet Mladenka is “I’m never going to remember her name.” The second thing you’ll think is that she’s the nicest person you’ve ever met, she never leaves her smile at home and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She also has this amazing ability to stretch yards and yards of fabric and make it lay perfectly straight with nary a wrinkle. You try it, it has reduced grown men to tears.

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    Victor - Installation Tech

    Victor - Installation Tech - "We Call Victor “The Installer”…"

    Kind of like “The Fixer”. He’s one of the few men we know whose sole purpose is to put things where they belong- exactly in their place. We’re not sure if this is a learned trait as it is not inherent to the species. However, Victor has mastered it. He can line a door up to within 1/16” of perfection. He can install a locking mechanism that feels like perfection to the hand. He can even fit a countertop so perfectly, it would make you cry. He is the master of his world, The Commander of Perfection. He is, The Installer!

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    Alex - Installation Tech

    Alex - Installation Tech - ""

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    Bryce - Sub-Assembly Tech

    Bryce - Sub-Assembly Tech - ""

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    Glenn - Draftsman

    Glenn - Draftsman - ""

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    Tim - Installation

    Tim - Installation - ""

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    Harry - Electrical Finish

    Harry - Electrical Finish - ""

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    Billy - Mechanical Rough-In

    Billy - Mechanical Rough-In - ""

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    Elijah - Service Tech

    Elijah - Service Tech - ""