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Exclusively from Millennium Luxury Coaches, iControl revolutionizes the way you interact with your motorhome. Through intuitive programming, Millennium’s iControl allows you to easily operate all of the coach’s systems from one device as well as automatically carrying out your commands based on custom presets and parameters.

More than just a “Smart Coach,” iControl gives you real-time, two-way communication with all onboard systems, allowing you to monitor and control your coach remotely from any Internet-connected device.

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Temperature Control from an iPad

    Temperature Control

    From any Apple or Android device, you can check the on-board temperature and start an additional A/C unit to cool things down on a hot day. The coach will notify you if the temperature exceeds your desired temperature.


    Power Level Monitoring

    You’ll never feel powerless again. Millennium’s proprietary electrical system supplies 14,000 Watts of power for all coach systems, eliminating the need to pick and choose what you can use at once. With iControl, monitoring all that power has never been easier.


    24/7 On-Call Maintenance

    Our service guarantee means that you can rest assured that after the sale, we’ll still be there for you. You can count on us to provide additional services and technical support. Our 24-hour hotline is always available for after-hours technical support or for questions while you’re on the road.


    Email Updates

    We don’t just build luxurious coaches, we build smart coaches. You can get custom email updates from your coach about temperature, battery level, energy usage, and much more!

All Furniture is Custom Built with Our In-House Design Team

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  • Bidet


    No roughing it in these state-of-the-art coaches. Comfort and luxury come standard!

    • Warm air dryer
    • 3 customer water saver flush options
    • Thermostat controlled water temperature
    • Hydraulic seat lid
    • Comfortable heated seat
  • Pressure Washer

    Pressure Washer

    Just in case you get bored on a Sunday afternoon with 100 feet of hose you can rinse the bugs off the windshield, wash the tow vehicle, detail the entire coach, wash the dog, clean the driveway, rinse the motorcycle, spray your wife, have a hillbilly lawn sprinkler…folks we could just keep going!

    • Built-in Deionizer
    • 100 ft hose
    • 1,450 PSI
    • Convenient and Easy to Use!
  • Central Vac System

    Central Vac System

    May the force be with you! High-performance commercial grade power cleans your coach quietly without a tangled power cord.

    • One Gallon disposable bag
    • 3-layer disposable bag to prevent leaks
    • electrostatic material
    • Convenient and Easy to Use!
    • captures particulates as small as .3 microns
  • Prevost Chassis Structure

    Prevost Chassis Structure

    The integrated chassis and the Prevost Beam construction provide a holistic structure that is remarkably strong and durable. Not only does this robust architecture contribute to the passive safety qualities of the motor coach, but its inherent torsional rigidity enables levels of handling precision and vehicle responsiveness that enhance active safety as well.

  • Lightweight Program

    Lightweight Program

    Our lightweight program is a detailed process that starts with the engineering. Weight is never an afterthought; it’s one of our main focuses along with functionality, ease of use, reliability and safety. Everything in a Millennium luxury coach is designed with weight in mind, and a series of checks and balances are in place to ensure that our coaches achieve their target weight at each stage of the build.

    At Millennium we keep in mind all of these safety concerns as part of our Lightweight Program, which is why we do our very best to ensure that your coach is equally balanced and all of the heaviest components are fixed to the center of the coach, thus improving the center of gravity and the stability while lessening the chances of safety concerns. We’re able to do this by independently weighing each item prior to installation, so that we not only have the total weight of the coach, but exactly how that weight is distributed, which is then further confirmed with regular weighing of the entire coach on in-house scales during the production process.

    • Increased coach balance
    • Promotes coach safety
    • Greater fuel economy
    • Improved efficiency and performance
    • Prevents safety concerns, such as tipping or tire blowout
    • Millennium proprietary lightweight granite or stone flooring and countertops
    • More allowance for on-board cargo, due to weight constraints
  • Customer Care Program

    Customer Care Program

    Our Customer Care program ensures that each client is thoroughly oriented to their new coach. Whether it’s pre-owned or a brand new custom coach, we want each new owner to have that same great experience. That experience begins with a comprehensive coach orientation by our professional team of Customer Care Specialists reviewing each feature on the coach in detail, giving you hands-on experience as they guide you through each system at your pace.

    Concierge Service

    Our Customer Care Program doesn’t end after delivery. Our technicians are available 24/7 as you begin your journey of new coach ownership. Whether you need a refresher on a particular system or a recommendation for a luxury RV resort, our staff of trained professionals is standing by to answer questions or handle the details.

  • Prevost Prime

    Prevost Prime

    Prevost Prime is an essential cost saving feature which was developed through the innovative efforts of Prevost Engineering Research and Development. Prevost Prime focuses on eliminating parasitic loads on the engine by intelligent management of the alternators and air compressor duty cycle. Instead of constantly charging, the alternator uses engine negative torque (braking, deceleration) to generate “Free” electricity. Depending on the air requirement, Prime will also trigger the production of compressed air on negative torque.

    • Increased fuel economy
    • Decreased life-cycle costs
    • Greater fuel economy with decreased emissions
    • 2% fuel economy savings
    • Cluster indication of time driven on energy savings mode
    • Promotes energy efficient driving habits
    • New equalizer monitoring battery State of Charge (SOC)
    • Intelligent battery charging and air compressor duty cycle using negative and zero torque situations
  • Floor Heat

    Floor Heat

    Offered standard on all Millennium luxury coaches, radiant floor heat involves installing electric heating coils under the granite or wood floors in your coach. Our technicians carefully route electric cabling used to conduct the heat to the exact specifications of your particular floor plan, ensuring even, consistent heat generation. The cabling is then embedded in setting material to stabilize the wiring and assist with conduction.

    Drawing less than 7 amps of electricity, for those times when you need extended dry camping time, radiant floor heat can really assist with power consumption by providing the same level of comfort while consuming less energy. We’ve got you covered from head to toe!

    • Energy efficient way of heating the coach (draws less than 7A)
    • Available under wood, granite and porcelain flooring
    • Electricity applied to underfloor coils for radiant heating
    • Controlled by an easily programmable thermostat
    • Consistent, uniform heating, thus eliminating pockets of hot or cold
  • Alternators


    Unlike other converters, Millennium stays ahead of the pack by giving you the power of 4 alternators. Why four you ask?? Simple, four is better than three! This allows your coach to have added protection and security, giving you the peace of mind to know you will always have the added power needed for your much needed horsepower, without being reliant on your batteries.

    Through the use of 3 house alternators and 1 chassis alternator, we make use of the engine power during transit to charge the house and chassis batteries. By incorporating a marine-grade switching system we can cycle alternators on or offline as load requirements change. Or in the event of an alternator or belt failure, any single unit can be taken offline allowing the remaining units to “pick up the slack.”

    Our Electrical Power System

    • Prevost Prime Charging system
    • 4- 150A Bosch alternators
    • Can work up to 225 degrees
    • 4- 150A Bosch alternators
    • Self contained voltage regulator
    • Allows battery charging while in transit
    • 450A dedicated to the house batteries
    • Self-cooled Alternator, instead of oil cooled
    • Proprietary wiring eliminates the issue of belt slippage
    • Added alternator, equals peace of mind for the road ahead
    • Power efficient even at low RPM conditions, such at city driving
    • Proprietary wiring eliminates the issue of belt slippage
    • Use engine power to charge house & chassis batteries
    • Incorporates an intelligent battery sensor, which reduces charge time and increases battery life
    • Alternator combining switch gives you additional battery dedication for extra needed power
    • Alternator by-pass switch, to dedicate chassis or house alternators
  • Inverters


    Power at YOUR control! You’ll never feel powerless again. Millennium’s proprietary electrical system supplies 14,000 Watts of power to all coach systems, eliminating the need to pick and choose what you can use at once, and with iControl, monitoring all that power has never been easier.

    • “Worry-free” system that is auto-regulated
    • It gives you the same freedom as shore power!
    • No physical breaker to worry about “tripping”
    • 14,000 watts of inverting power, instead of the industry 8,000 watts
    • Eliminates the need to proactively set generator. Generator is automatically engaged when there is an additional need for power
    • All coach on-board systems and appliances are powered directly through Inverter power
    • When using shore power, Inverter then becomes a converter, allowing the power from the shoreline to charge onboard batteries
    • No need to choose! Our proprietary Inverter system has enough power for the whole house… and then some.

    Our Electrical Power System

  • Lutron Home Automation

    Lutron Home Automation

    Lutron’s track record in the home automation industry is proven and reliable. Backed by a nationwide service network of over 8,000 independent dealers, their ability to deliver a stellar product and reliable service is second to none. Their robust hardware comprises a big part of our home automation system, delivering the most reliable product in the motorhome industry.

    System Redundancy:

    Complete system redundancy means we’ll never leave you stranded. All controls have back up hard-wired wall switches for quick access or secondary control.

    • Compatible with Apple based Savant system, creating an unbeatable power house for home automation
    • Less than a 0.5% failure rate
    • Automatically start and stop the generator with a touch of a button
    • Hard-wired controls throughout the coach
    • Controls water holding tank automatic filling
    • Lighting and shade controls
    • Controls furnace and power management systems
    • Customer specific macro functions
  • Savant Home Automation

    Savant Home Automation

    Savant’s groundbreaking home automation systems are designed to bring together all the technologies, media content and internet activity in a simpler, more efficient way. Using tried and true Apple devices as an interface make Savant easy and familiar to the user while at the same time providing a sophisticated and seamless powerhouse of programming options and eliminating space-wasting bulky equipment.

    • Less than 1% failure rate on hardware
    • Easy to use, highly adaptive interface
    • The leader in Apple based control technology
    • Service centers throughout US and Canada
    • Uses WIFI over radio frequency
    • Smart phone compatible, rather than just a tablet
    • Intuitive screen design for easy navigation
    • Enhanced power monitoring system useful for dry camping
  • Smart Energy Module

    Smart Energy Module

    Stay in charge with individual monitoring of power usage for each appliance, system, charger and air conditioner. Set parameters can also trigger service alert emails to the Millennium service department.

    • Monitoring of Total Power Usage
    • Monitor individual appliances’ power usage
    • Alert if corrupt power is detected

    Energy Usage Gauge Energy Readout

  • Electrical Systems

    Electrical Systems

    With four, 3,500 watt inverters, a Millennium luxury coach is like a rolling power plant. Our method of wiring allows for in excess of 14,000 watts of power, all self-managed through the home automation system so you can use your coach like you use your home. No worries about power demands or surges. We take the guesswork out of power management!

    • 14,000 watts of inverting power
    • Marine-grade switches
    • Smaller footprint than other power systems
    • Ability to run all A/Cs while in transit
    • No “tripping the breaker” syndrome
    • Efficient performance under extreme temperatures
    • Dedicated charger for engine batteries with auto disconnect
    • “Set and Forget” battery boost switch
    • Dedicated charger for engine batteries with auto disconnect
    • (4) 120A Bosch alternators
    • Prevost Prime Charging System for alternators
    • Marine-grade tin plated copper stranded wiring
    • All electrical systems are controlled via the home automation system
    • Remote Diagnostics

    Lithium VS AGM Batteries

    Our Electrical Power System

  • Cabinetry


    Each of our cabinets is hand-built by craftsman using old world techniques to give you a refined piece of furniture. We only use the finest grade of lightweight Italian Poplar in order to decrease weight and reduce formaldehyde emissions. Using real wood veneers enhanced by a high gloss polyurethane finish gives our cabinetry the polish and ambiance of fine furniture.

    Millennium interiors are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with the eye of an artist and the hands of a technician. Rather than focus on high volume production techniques, our craftsman focus on perfecting the piece. This customized approach allows us to truly make your coach your own, each one tailored to your individual fit.

  • Custom Window Graphics

    Custom Window Graphics

    Custom Window Graphics Example

    Complete the look with Custom Window Graphics. Millennium’s signature look gives the appearance of the graphics going right through the window without interrupting the view from inside the coach.

  • Aqua Hot

    Aqua Hot

    Aqua Hot is a complete diesel furnace designed for peak performance. It provides hot water on demand and can heat every ounce of water on board as you need it, without a drop in the water temperature halfway through your shower.

    Aqua Hot doesn’t require the use of the generator and there’s no need to take up valuable space with a secondary hot water tank as some conversions require.

    The on-board engine fluid circulating pump ties in to the engine cooling system and extracts heat while the coach is in transit. This allows you to arrive at your destination with a tank full of hot water.

    • All-in- One Diesel furnace
    • Hot water on demand
    • Engine fluid circulating pump to extract heat in transit
    • No need for secondary water heater system
    • Exhaust ventilated at roof level
    • No fumes or heat in entertaining area
    • Doesn’t require the use of the generator
    • More undercarriage clearance
    • 65,000 BTUs


  • Generators


    Feeling a little power hungry? Proper energy management is a challenging aspect in any RV and Millennium has accepted the challenge and met it head on with an on-board 20 KW Power Tech Ultimate Turbo generator with gauged airbag suspension, located in a custom “hush box” bay to provide a generous amount of power, but remain whisper silent.

    • Quieter
    • Roof Mounted Radiator
    • Proprietary Exhaust system
    • More undercarriage clearance
    • More Bay Space
    • Unique battery boost circuitry
    • No heat source close to landscape
    • 100 amp automatic transfer switch
    • No Fumes or Smoke in Entertaining Area
    • Auto start feature controlled by Lutron and Savant
    • 1,000’s of authorized service centers nationwide
    • Ultra quiet generator compartment with marine grade sound dampening insulation system
    • PowerTech is the world’s Leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile diesel generators
    • Generator auto start system with power loss start capability and email notification
  • Awnings


    Unlike traditional open/close awnings, our coach awning system provides our customers as much or as little shade as they like. The unique design provides three preset stages, putting you in control of the shade covering:

    • Slide-Out Cover: Covers your slide-out rooms and protects the roof of the slide from rain and debris.
    • Window: Extends to provide a window shade to cool the inside of your coach.
    • Patio: Fully extends (10ft) to provide full patio shade.


  • iSecure


    Cameras mounted throughout the vehicle allow you to remotely view the interior or exterior. Whether you’ve gone on a day trip and just want to check on your pet or you’ve left your coach parked on an RV lot and you just want to check in, iSecure gives you complete peace of mind.

    • Great theft deterrent
    • Two terabyte hard drive is constantly recording
    • Side-mounted cameras work as lane assist
    • Real-time monitoring of the interior and exterior of your coach
  • iControl


    Exclusively from Millennium Luxury Coaches, iControl revolutionizes the way you interact with your coach. Through intuitive programming iControl allows you to easily operate all of the coach’s systems from one device, as well as automatically carrying out your commands based on custom presets and parameters. More than a “Smart Coach,” iControl gives you real time, two-way communication with all on-board systems allowing you to monitor and control your coach remotely from any internet connected device.

    Control your coach from anywhere in the world

    • Available on any Apple or Android device
    • Controls all on-board coach systems
    • Real-time systems management
    • Custom pre-sets and parameters to your specifications
    • Automatically control entertainment lighting
    • Instant notifications of any changes in pre-set parameters
    • Intuitive touchscreen control
    • Navigation assistance
    • Energy efficiency mangement
    • One touch intuitive leveling system
    • Remote tracking of chassis and engine codes
    • Shore cord power monitoring and protection