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Prevost Premier Motorhome Converter Partner:

Elevating Motorhome Excellence to Ultra-Custom Levels

In the world of motorhome luxury, Prevost provides the ultimate foundation, offering a masterfully engineered chassis backed by a legacy spanning ten decades in manufacturing.

Millennium Luxury Coaches then takes this unparalleled foundation and skillfully transforms it into your dream motorhome. Our meticulous craftsmanship, unwavering attention to detail, and exceptional service elevate us as the top-rated Prevost conversion company. With a commitment to excellence and a heritage of expertise, we bring a level of sophistication and quality that defines the pinnacle of motorhome luxury.

At Millennium Luxury Coaches, we turn your dream of owning the ultimate luxury motorhome into a reality.

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Our 100,000-square-foot facility is the birthplace of your Millennium Luxury Coach, where cutting-edge technologies seamlessly blend with timeless old-world craftsmanship.

Here, we forge modern marvels of luxury and comfort that stand the test of time, embodying the essence of luxury travel.

Your Vision is Our Mission

Our family-owned business is dedicated to putting you at the center of the luxury coach-building process. We believe that true luxury is the freedom to shape your motorcoach according to your desires.

Every member of our Millennium team collaborates closely with you to ensure your absolute satisfaction with your new luxury coach. Your vision is our mission.

Experience the Millennium Luxury Coach difference today and embark on a journey that exceeds your wildest expectations.

The Millennium Coach Customer Experience.

"We don't keep up with change, we drive it."

Latest Technologies

Discover how we leverage cutting-edge technologies to create an unmatched luxury motorcoach experience.

From state-of-the-art custom generators to groundbreaking home automation systems, our commitment to innovation knows no bounds.

Elite Partnerships

As a long-standing Prevost conversion company, we are honored to call this leading North American luxury motorcoach manufacturer our partner.

Prevost motorcoaches are known worldwide for unmatched drivability, precision, secure dynamic qualities and superior rise characteristics.

Fast Repair Service

Life on the road can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges. Rest assured, our knows-no-boundaries repair service will keep you on your journey without unnecessary delays.

From a 24-hour emergency line to onsite service exclusively for Millennium Luxury Coaches, your peace of mind is our priority.

Highest Quality Components

We source only the highest quality components for your luxury motorcoach. We spare no effort in ensuring every element of your luxury coach meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability.

In-House Expert Craftmanship

Our artisans are life-time masters of their craft. Some have dedicated their entire careers to perfecting our luxury motorcoaches. Their dedication to perfection shines in every detail of your luxury coach.

Our in-house design team will work directly with you to choose and combine all the design elements needed to create your signature style.

Dedicated Team

Our team’s unwavering commitment to your satisfaction means you are never alone in your luxury motorcoach journey. From design to delivery and beyond, we are here to serve you.