Millennium Wins Big on Travel Channel’s RV Week

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This year the Travel Channel’s RV week featured some of the world’s most amazing coaches and Millennium is proud to be featured throughout the entire week. RV week on the travel channel kicked off with Mega RV Countdown and Extreme RVs.

Homes on the Road

These shows provide the at-home viewer, a behind the wheel look at the most luxurious and extreme “Homes on the Road.” With approximately 37 million viewers, it’s no wonder that luxury motor coaching continually captivates the devoted traveler and those filled with wanderlust. While we were sad to see the Travel Channel’s RV Week come to an end, we are thrilled that we were featured an incredible 6 times on prime time television.

During the Mega RV Countdown episode “Epic NASCAR,” A Millennium coach was ranked first and featured our very own Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa, where they took a Millennium to the beach for a family vacation.

Mega RV Countdown

Mega RV Countdown also featured an episode entitled “The Best of Sturgis,” where we placed first and also took second place. An amazing father-son duo captured the viewers’ awe with their love of the Sturgis motorcycle rally and their tricked-out coaches built for kings.

The Mega RV Countdown showcases the best in motorhome luxury and technology, but they also feature extreme RVs. Who would have thought of an off-roading RV? That is exactly what Linda and Richard Haddock decided to do with their Millennium coach. To the Haddocks, life wasn’t just about the “Highway” (insert classic “Life is Highway” pun here), but more importantly off the highway, as they featured on an episode of Mega RV Countdown for top off-roading R V’s and again taking home first place!

The “Blue Ribbon” Coach

The last Millennium feature during the Travel Channel’s RV week comes from the episode $100,000 paint job. Another unique Millennium coach was the namesake of the episode, featuring a paint job that could bring a tear to the eye of any RV Coach enthusiast. This “Blue Ribbon” coach may not have taken home a blue ribbon on the show, but you can’t go wrong when the whole episode is built around your $100,000 paint job!

Whether it’s a beach getaway, extreme off-roading, a father-son road trip or the Sistine Chapel of Luxury Coach paint Jobs, Millennium Luxury Coaches is continually pursuing excellence and carving our name into the foundation of the luxury RV industry.

We hope that in future years we can again reclaim our titles and dominate not only the rankings but also exceed our customer’s expectations on what it means to have a Millennium Luxury Coach and be a part of our Millennium family. Again, we would like to thank all of our generous coach owners for allowing the world a glimpse into their lives and their amazing coaches.

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