Millennium Luxury Coaches unveils groundbreaking 360 Degrees camera technology

Millennium Luxury Coaches unveils groundbreaking 360 Degrees camera technology map

New seamlessly integrated camera technology provides more safety and security and will be available standard on all 2019 models.

Sanford, Florida – May 16, 2018 – Millennium Luxury Coaches is proud to announce that it will be including the Brigade Backeye®360 camera system in all 2019 luxury coach models, in coordination with vehicle safety pioneer Brigade Electronics Group. Using four ultra-wide-angle cameras, the Backeye®360 splices four video streams seamlessly for a safer and better driving experience.

This advanced technology is an evolved multi-camera monitor system designed to make low-speed maneuvering as safe and simple as possible. Four ultra-wide-angle cameras, each with a viewing angle over 180°, are high-mounted to the front, rear, and each side of a Millennium Luxury Coach. The live images, covering all four sides of the vehicle, are instantly processed, combined, and merged simultaneously. The driver sees a single, smooth, real-time video from a bird’s eye perspective, providing an unobstructed, perfect view of all four sides.

“Here at Millennium Luxury Coaches, we pay close attention to the daily challenges our drivers face. After looking at trends in the luxury automobile industry, and as we focus on the future, it only made sense to offer this added safety feature to our customers,” said Nelson Figueroa, President and Founder of Millennium Luxury Coaches.

Millennium Luxury Coach customers will be able to access this technology through a center column mounted monitor that provides unobstructed viewing without requiring the driver to look away from the road. Additionally, the on-board digital video recorder will store the video for later review in the case of any incidents. Finally, a driver will stream a 360° view of the vehicle to a handheld device anywhere, providing a level of safety and security that was previously unheard. I-Secure, the existing camera system that integrated cameras and handheld device technology to superb effect and was introduced by Millennium in 2010, will remain on-board and supplemented by the addition of the Backeye®360 system.

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Founded by Nelson Figueroa, Millennium Luxury Coaches is one of the largest converters of custom commercial chassis for private recreational use. Since opening its doors in 2001, Millennium has grown to a company with over 90 employees known for being the best in custom manufacturing quality and service. A leader in innovation, Millennium has forged a path in home automation and technological advancements. In addition to building new coaches for sale each year, Millennium also offers pre-owned, consignment sales, renovation & remodeling, coach storage, and onsite collision and paint services.

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