Millennium Luxury Coaches is Proud to be the Official Coach of the ATA

At Millennium, we take immense pride in supporting remarkable events that embody the spirit of passion and excellence. Recently, we had the privilege of sponsoring the Grand American 2023, a thrilling competition that showcased the skill and determination of participants from August 2nd to 12th in Sparta, IL, hosted by Amateur Trapshooting Association.

This prestigious event brought together enthusiasts and competitors in the field of amateur trapshooting, where precision and accuracy reign supreme. As a sponsor of the Super Handicap 500, we were honored to witness the incredible displays of talent, grit, and camaraderie that define this captivating sport.

A notable highlight was the chance to host winners Allie Watson and Channing Garrett in our display coach. It was a pleasure to share in their well-deserved triumph and offer a glimpse of the luxury and comfort that Millennium Luxury Coaches provide.

We believe in fostering a community that celebrates dedication and achievement, values that align seamlessly with the spirit of the Grand American 2023. Our sponsorship of this event reflects our commitment to supporting endeavors that inspire and unite individuals with shared passions.

To learn more about the Grand Amateur Trapshooting Association and their events, visit their official website: We invite you to explore the world of trapshooting and discover the camaraderie, skill, and excitement that make this sport truly exceptional.

At Millennium, we look forward to continuing our support of events that bring people together, celebrate talent, and create unforgettable memories.


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