Our Team

You know our coaches… but now get to know the team behind-the-scenes!



Mark- The most interesting man in the world…

If Mark were to give you directions, you’d never get lost, and would arrive five minutes early. He’s been the featured guest at many celebrity Bachelor Auctions, and raised enough money to end world hunger. The president of the United States consulted him to help plan for Y2K. The Police question him because they find him so interesting. His mustache has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. He doesn’t often drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis.


Corey- Like most great minds, Corey is a man of few words…

We mean REALLY few words. As in most days we’re not sure if he’s programming some amazing new technology, or sleeping. Actually we’d be surprised if Corey does get any sleep, he’s in such high demand around here. Internets down? Call Corey! Need a printer hooked up? Call Corey! Shades Master doesn’t work? Call Corey! As the technical mastermind of our group he gets to work with things like processors, CPU’s, ECM’s, firmware, and 4G. We’re not sure what this one is but we hear it’s better than 3G. Actually we’re not sure what any of it is, but are really thankful we have Corey around to make it all work. Because apart from all this talent, he’s just a really great guy to hang out with; just don’t ask him to talk about it…


Willie- Always looks like he just did something really bad…

And he’s in the process of covering it up. Other than being late to work, he says his biggest fear in life is getting caught. We’re not sure if he means by the law, or just his momma. He likes “Good sounding music” which tells us he’s not too picky…except when it comes to food. He’s never met a vegetable that he liked, and his idea of health food runs along the lines of oatmeal cookies. He loves to play racquetball, baseball, shoot hand guns, and work out at the gym. We discouraged the hand gun thing because he already looks guilty enough. No need to tempt fate. Willie loves hanging out with his wife Natalie and his dog Jake, which coincidentally enough is Willie’s nickname. Jake has the amazing ability to convert food to hair (Jake the dog, not Willie-Jake…stay with us people).You’re not the only ones confused here. When Natalie starts yelling at Jake, they both head to the doghouse. Despite his penchant for mischief, he has one hard and fast rule that he lives by…”Women are always right, I am always wrong, and the phrase “I’m fine” is the calm before the storm”. Willie is a very wise man.


Virginia- She retired last year…

…but since she still comes to work everyday, we’re not sure if anyone told her. We’re all just kind of keeping it a secret because we really like having her around. For fun, Virginia likes to chase moles around her yard, and digs up her plants every two weeks and rearranges them. She calls it gardening, and assures us its lots of fun. We’re not convinced. She’s married to Richard, an honorary Millennium employee. That means he does a lot of work, and doesn’t get paid. Technically, Richard’s retired too. Together they help make all of the Millennium events a lot more fun, a little more organized, and slightly less chaotic. We really hope they don’t figure out what retired means.


Victor- We call Victor “The Installer”…

Kind of like “The Fixer”. He’s one of the few men we know who’s sole purpose is to put things where they belong, exactly in their place. We’re not sure if this is a learned trait, as it is not inherent to the species. But Victor has mastered it. He can line a door up to within 1/16” of perfection. Install a locking mechanism that feels like perfection to the hand. Fit a counter top so perfectly it would make you cry. He is the master of his world, The Commander of perfection. He is, The Installer!


Telly- Telly Love, and that’s not a stage name!

Telly has the best name of anyone at Milennium, we voted, He won. How could he have lost with a name like Telly Love. Folk’s, we’re not making that up! We just like to say it. Telly Love. Telly Love. Telly Love. You’re saying it now too, aren’t you?! As much as we like his name, we like him even more. He’s kind, and helpful, and he’s never blown anything up or caught anything on fire; which is really important since he’s in charge of our Electrical Department.


Mladenka- Don’t let that smile fool you…

The first thing you think when you meet Mladenka is “I’m never going to remember her name.” The second thing you’ll think is that she’s the nicest person you’ve ever met, she never leaves her smile at home and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She also has this amazing ability to stretch yards and yards of fabric and make it lay perfectly straight with nary a wrinkle. You try it, it has reduced grown men to tears.


Michael- The hopeless romantic…

Hunting and Archery might be his hobbies, but being a loving father and a hopeless romantic is what Michael is best at. We’ll take his word for it, because we frown upon that behavior in the workplace. Michael enjoys all types of music from Mozart to Kid Rock, but we don’t hold that against him. Michael has mad skills too. He knows like 600 different kinds of filters and can park a bus on a dime, well, maybe a quarter. And he knows lots of stuff, real important stuff. We don’t have room to list all the stuff…but it’s a lot…of stuff.


Marc- He really likes to get dirty…

We’re pretty sure he made mud pies as a child. He starts every day all fresh and clean like a daisy, well a manly kind of daisy. But somehow by the end he’s covered in grease and grime. We think he’s just doing it to look really busy, or for job security. It works…no one wants his job. He’s the master at making tires line up and go straight. Kind of like a really strict second grade teacher. He just looks at them and they get in line…sort of. Well it’s a bit more complicated, but he makes it look easy.


Joanne- The Drill Sereant…

Joanne can get numbers to line up and behave faster than a drill sergeant! She uses words like debit, credit, ledger, and our favorite, “recon.” We pretend to understand what she does, but really we think it’s just magic. As intimidating as all this sounds, she’s also just about the nicest person you’ll ever meet…just don’t try and sneak an expense report by her!


JJ- He really likes things that are old and broken down…

Specifically vehicles. Give him a 1988 Isuzu pickup with no engine and a rotted floor board, and he’s in heaven. He can make about three years out of that project. Here at Millennium, he puts those skills in our Service department. He likes to play with things like linear actuators, and check valves. He’s an expert on how toilets flush, and where the black water goes. We don’t ask questions about any of it, we’re afraid he might ask for our help.


Jim- A really nice guy…

And he’s polite…very polite. Like he says please and thank you a lot and opens doors for people. He was born in the small town of Medway, Massachusetts. We understand they’re very polite there too. When you don’t find Jim in the shop under a bus, you can find him heading to a car show, listening to classic rock, or playing a little volleyball. Jim’s also a bus guy, a polite bus guy. He knows just about anything worth knowing about buses and he can fix just about anything on buses. If you say please… and thank you.


John- He is our world traveler…

…from Munich to Mexico and probably more than once!When he’s not trotting the globe you can often find him neck deep in a pile of boxes or tracking someone down over a misspelled part code. He can locate any part in the warehouse by memory and he always makes sure that new parts are welcomed and find a home. We assure you this is no easy feat, but when each nut and bolt has to be accounted for, John gets the job done! John is lucky enough to be married to his high school sweetheart and partner in crime Sheri. During his down time you’ll find him golfing, fishing or just relaxing with the family, when he’s not traveling the world that is.


Chris- Even before we had final confirmation…

We knew Chris was a Boy Scout. Not just your every day, run of the mill Boy Scout, but the card carrying, merit badge wearing, ‘walk the old lady across the street’ kind of Boy Scout. As amazing as all of this is, you can spend about five minutes with Chris and know that his favorite job is being a dad to two amazing kids! He puts God and family before anything else, and if his house was on fire, he said he’d grab his computer, car keys, and CLOTHING FOR THE FAMILY?! Now folks, that deserves a merit badge.


Bob-He is like a Swiss Army Knife…

No matter what you’re trying to do, he comes in handy. For fun he creates spreadsheets, flow-charts, and reads instruction manuals. He’s the guy that actually reads the fine print, quotes the fine print, and will probably make a graph of the finer details for the rest of us. Whether it’s the best restaurant for dinner or the hottest nightspot for networking, Bob can name it, send you the Google Map link, and tell you the best night to go. He probably has it all in a pie chart. We think everyone should have their very own Bob; we’re not sure how the rest of the world gets by without one!


Barry- He is game for just about anything…

Put a 55,000 pound coach on a lift and raise it six feet in the air, no problem. Strap on a rope and swing from the rafters, let’s do it! If we were setting sail for Timbuktu at precisely three o’clock this afternoon, Barry would be the first on the boat. His is the first hand to go up when we ask for volunteers. And he not only volunteers himself, but his family too!


Amauri- He is our resident Social Director

If we had a position open in the Party Planning department, he’d be the first to apply. Actually, we don’t have a Party Planning department, but we’re pretty sure that if we start one, Amauri will be there Monday morning with application in hand. He loves people. Any people. Short, tall, skinny, or large, he just loves people. Not the weird, awkward ‘I wanna stuff you in a trash bag and take you home’ kind of love, but the friendy, eager, ‘I want to get to know you’ kind of love. We’ve never seen him have a bad day, he’s always in a good mood. We really think if Julie from the Love Boat had been a Cuban Cabinet maker that loved sunsets and long walks on the beach she could have been Amauri…but not in a weird way.

Alex and Adam

Alex and Adam- The dynamic duo

Often referred to as “little Evelyn and Nelson”, their kids, Alex and Adam, are just as big a part of the the team family as mom and dad. Whether they’re showing coaches, working in the office, or dumping trash, they love being part of Millennium. Adam is the best sales guy in the industry, and really knows his coaches. He’s been part of Millennium since he was a baby in his high chair sitting in the cabinet shop while dad built buses. Alex has worked alongside mom, Evelyn, designing coaches since she was eight, and is often the friendly voice on the other end of the line when you call Millennium. Truly the future of our industry, they’ve both been a part of it since birth.

Steve R

Steve- If Steve were a cowboy, he’d definitely be the kind dressed in white from head to toe!

Except he’d be riding a bicycle instead of a horse and it would be on the beach instead of on the range. They call him Grumpy but he’s not grumpy at all, we’re really not sure why they call him grumpy, now that we think about it, better just call him Steve. He’s the kind of guy that asks “How are you?” and he really wants to know and will call you just to check on you. Are you getting the picture here? Steve’s just a really nice guy….who enjoys long rides on the beach at sunset.


Mike- His reputation precedes him wherever he goes!

He’s the one, the only, the infamous Wizard of Wonder. We just call him Mike though. When havoc has been wrought and the sky is not just falling but firmly on the ground we turn to Mike to rehang the moon. He’s fluent in the magical language of electronics. As impressive as Mike’s technical talents are, his most amazing skill is being a great dad.


Jim- He keeps the roof over our head, or at least the ceiling!

Jim keeps the roof over our head, or at least the ceiling. He’s been designing, building and installing our signature coach ceilings for years. That’s something you never think about, the guy that builds the ceilings, but Jim’s styling’s are a work of art, and a credit to his craftsmanship. A true Florida native, when he’s not building ceilings he spends most of his time making sure he’s not under one, enjoying fishing, playing tennis or doing something on the water.


Heather- She is like sunshine!

Not the hot make you sweaty, give you a bad burn kind but the warm,but makes you smile glad it’s there… kind. She’s the gal that always holds the elevator door for you, let’s you cut in line and gives you her last piece of gum. You’d never know she’s into 4-wheeling, hiking and hunting and she’s never met a roller coaster she didn’t like. We figure she doesn’t actually shoot the animals; the gun’s just to let them know she means business; she probably just offers them gum.


Evelyn- She has 31 flavors of laughter…

…from a snicker to a snort, all of which can be heard from anywhere within our office. Her family has actually banned her from watching funny movies or airplanes after 10pm. She’s our Dr. Phil, Martha Stewart, and Wonder Woman all rolled into one! She can turn tragedy into triumph, whip up Duck L’Orange while deciding which fabric best compliments the backsplash, and has been known, upon occasion, to use her Lasso of Truth on us. We just call her the chief cook and bottle washer! She does double duty when we need extra help on the road and is equally at home in the boardroom or the parts department checking in packages. When she’s not washing a coach, driving a coach, or designing a coach, she’s probably sliding down the mountain on her snowboard with the whole Figueroa clan close behind.


Nelson- The RV Guru and our Fearless Leader!

If this guy doesn’t know it, it’s probably not worth knowing. Give the man a ball point pen, some duct tape, and a turkey baster, and he can hot wire a car in ten seconds flat (or really scare a turkey). His superhuman Powers include making everyone feel as if their problem is the most important one he’s trying to solve. Diagnosing even the most challenging of issues, and most importantly, he can whip up some of the best waffles you’ve ever tasted. Even if it takes two hours, requires a lot of supervision, and results in two sinks full of dirty dishes! When he’s not fulfilling his superhero duties he’s usually about 9,000 feet about sea level with a snow board strapped to his feet, or 100’ below sea level chasing fish around in his SCUBA gear. When forced to keep his feet planted on dry ground, he’s probably flying across the dance floor. He’s a competitive ballroom dancer, and got the trophies to prove it!


Brenda- Her kids think she’s weird…

Her biggest fear is that she won’t know everything about everything; we figure she’s got nothing to worry about. She’s an avid cyclist, kayaker and outdoors woman.She listens to classical, jazz and classic rock music and she’s traveled extensively throughout Europe. But the most impressive fact, and our personal favorite, she currently lives in an RV! We figure she’s well on her way to replacing Wikipedia.


Matt- He has a cat names Bad Kitty Booboo…

We’re not sure what Kitty Booboo did to be considered bad. Or even if it’s the kind of bad like “Bad Kitty, not nice!” or more like “That’s one BAD cat!” We didn’t really ask. We just go along with it. When Matt’s not hanging out with Bad Kitty Booboo he’s working on a car, painting a car or racing a car. That’s right, Matt owns and drives his very own drag racer which one day he hopes to race professionally. Just as soon as he can find a helmet that’ll fit Bad Kitty Booboo.


Edmondo- He actually goes by Ed, but we think Edmondo fits him better…

This talented upholsterer is a very well traveled man, born in Guyana, he moved to New York when he was 27, then finally Florida. To add to it, Ed loves pretty much any kind of music, he even listens to Opera when he gets home from work! Ed’s favorite part about doing upholstery work is the creative process; he takes great pride in all his work, and doesn’t give up until it’s perfect! We love that about Edmondo.


Brett- “The Cleaner”

He also does the dirty work it takes to keep the facility running smoothly. When he’s not making sure everything is spic and span, Brett loves to spend time with his two kids, and two grandkids, and catch the latest sports game. His favorite NFL team is the Dolphins, but he loves watching the Florida Gators play just as much! Some of his favorite memories are tailgating before a game, and he says it almost is better than sitting on the bleachers!


Dylan- Dylan is our on-staff child at heart…

On his weekends he likes to watch cartoons (Johnny Bravo is his favorite) and play with his cars. When we say “play” we mean hours of working on, tweaking and generally obsessing over his vintage car collection. When Dylan isn’t watching cartoons or under the hood you can find him strumming one of the many instruments he plays such as the guitar, bass, piano, drums, banjo, mandolin, and even the harmonica. Because of his love for music and his love for travel, Dylan says that when he grows up he wants to be a Rockstar and travel the world. We know where he can get a coach to do it in!


Derek- Derek loves sports, especially NASCAR…

That’s probably because he’s rubbed elbows with a lot of the drivers! Working in the RV business since 2001, Derek has met plenty of famous athletes, Nascar drivers, and even some famous movie stars. He’s rubbed elbows with big names like Larry the Cable Guy, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Rusty Wallace, Ken Griffy Jr., and even Britney Spears! We’re thinking if the bus building thing doesn’t work out he’d make a good paparazzi!


Melanie- This Alabama native refuses to be seen in public without her houndstooth accessories

Whether it be a lunch box or infinity scarf. She’s one stubborn woman, having lived for in Florida for 18 years, she still refuses to lose her accent. As sweet as she is, we don’t know many that have said no to her, that coupled with her experience in the industry, makes this southern belle one of our biggest assets. When she’s not busy making everyone’s life easier at Millennium, Melanie is happiest when she spends time with her beloved children and grandchildren (she has 3 of each!). If she could have been anything else, she would have been an extreme wildlife photographer. We’re not 100% sure if she knows that a part of the job is sitting still for long periods of time. Let’s just say, it’s not one of her strong suits.


Becky- Known as the gifted purvey’er of thingamajigs, doodads, and whatchamacallit’s

Need a wingnut in Wyoming, no problem. A left handed widget in Las Vegas by eleven, it’s handled! A doodad from Delaware by noon, she’s on it! She’s the gal that makes sure whatever we need is on the shelf. She also has the amazing talent of recalling almost every part number in existence. “Do you mean the 279582DH29?” She’s the fastest Googler we know, and can find the last limited edition thingamajig in existence, and get it to us by noon, yesterday. In the right color, the right size, and jewel encrusted if we ask nicely. She’s also the proud owner of the “Messiest Desk at Millennium” award.


Victor- We’re pretty sure Victor was Davy Crocket in his former life!

He’s is our fishin’, huntin’, four-wheelin’, gun lovin’ QC manager. He’s always up for a challenge, and we’re pretty sure if there was ever a need for a high climb or dangerous feat, Victor would be the first to raise his hand. In fact, he’s already broken his neck on a four wheeler, and fallen out of a tree stand, talk about hard core! On the weekends he likes to relax with his wife and three dogs, Coco, Princess, and Sassy (we’d be willing to bet his wife named them), and target practice at his very own backyard range!


Megan- The Sweet Spit-Fire

And we mean that literally! She’s the sweetest gal we know, and she SPITS FIRE!! She developed this talent years ago as a performer and although we haven’t found a way to integrate this skill set here at Millennium yet, we’re open to suggestions! We’ll be right in the middle of doing a magazine layout and she’ll be all like “well that time I had to jump through the ring of fire” or “when I’m trick riding on my horse” and we’re all like “we totally understand, that happens to us all the time too…” When she’s not defying death the recent newlywed likes canoodling with her husband and spending time with her step son…who also rides horses…but doesn’t breathe fire….yet.


Joe- Meet the “Joe-of-all-Trades” (Jack’s Cousin)

He can build cabinets, install cabinets, hang wallpaper and lay tile. He can make jewelry, design a drum or fabricate an Indian Headdress out of two chickens and a rubber band. The man has talent! He just doesn’t do windows; at least we haven’t seen him do windows. Joe actually probably does do windows he just doesn’t want anyone to know he can for obvious reasons. The absolute best thing about Joe is that he understands the 10 foot rule. If you’re anywhere within 10 foot of him, he’ll say Good Morning and ask how you’re doing!


David- David is the “Get it Done” guy, ahead of schedule and under budget!

It probably stems from those 21 years in the military. Just had a run in with the pole at the end of the driveway? No problem! The guardrail jumped out and grabbed you? Piece of cake! As our paint shop and collision center manager, he can straighten out even the most mangled of metal, transform scuffed up paint to shiny perfection, and even have your trailer custom painted to match your coach while you wait. Dave is also in charge of safety around here so he makes sure we keep our fingers intact and don’t fall off of things. And if we do he makes us drop and give him twenty….while wearing our safety goggles and knee pads of course!


Scott- The low-key, likeable guy…

No, seriously- when you meet Scott, you feel like you are talking with someone you have known your whole life! He is one of the most likeable people in the world, so much we would have to worry about you if you didn’t like him! As a new Floridian, coming from Nashville, Tennessee, he just keeps reassuring us, he is “just a low-key guy.” As for his hobbies, Scott loves riding his motorcycle exploring his new Florida home. He insists on his “Biker” street cred, saying not to be fooled by his smile and friendly demeanor (but we know better). With a great sense of humor and personality to match, he wouldn’t exactly fit into the “Hell’s Angels”….. or would he?


Brian- Brian does everything with flair…

… He even wears a bow tie to work on occasion. He’s one of those creative “artsy” types which is a good thing considering he’s also our lead painter. He’s not just a painter though. He also builds motorcycles, surfs and loves to Salsa. Seeing Brian on the dance floor is like visiting the Grand Canyon, everyone should do it once. The guy gives new meaning to the phrase “get’n jiggy with it.”

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