Prevost Innovations

Breakthroughs that are part of the enduring Prevost legacy of innovation include:


Integrated chassis:

Prevost’s integral structure provides unparalleled vertical, lateral and torsional rigidity compared to body-on-chassis constructions. Stress simulations, track, road and shakedown testing have helped to develop optimal structures that provide the strongest, safest and most durable foundations in the motorhome industry.

Stainless steel structure:

Each stainless steel upper structure is specially configured according to the number and position of side windows, which provides optimal structural integrity, longevity, and resistance to stress-induced body flex and deformation.

The Prevost Beam:

This structural innovation adds strength so the vehicle can accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slides without reducing cargo space for customized amenities and storage.

Factory-installed slide-outs/floorplans:

Prevost factory slide-outs are an integral part of the shell, and are fully covered by our factory warranty and after-sales support. They add more space, and their fully-flush integration with the vehicle’s design makes them imperceptible when retracted, and a natural extension of the shell when deployed. The absence of any visible pistons and other mechanical parts makes their smooth actuation all the more wondrous to behold.

Independent Suspension System:

Prevost’s independent suspension includes precisely sized and tuned stabilizer bars on the front and drive-axles. This design, engineered to complement the ZF Servocom® power steering, provides exceptional directional stability, confidence-inspiring road feel, and best-in-class handling precision.

Frameless windows:

Customized, frameless windows provide a sleek exterior look and abundant natural light that contributes to the expansive feel of the Prevost interiors. These Prevost-patented windows provide the greatest glass area for unobstructed exterior views, while transmitting a color spectrum seven times truer than conventional glass. The special privacy-glass panes block UV rays and reflect and deflect 50% more solar heat than traditional laminated glass. This results in reduced strain on the air conditioning system and a corresponding improvement in fuel economy. These panes also reduce discoloration of upholstery and interior trim. Wide frameless windows can be positioned at various locations along the vehicle to accommodate personalized interior design, and they can include sliding or electrical awning partitions with full egress capability.

World-class Volvo powertrain:

Volvo’s D13 engine has an impressive track record for both impeccable reliability and remarkable durability. It has been proven over tens of millions of miles in heavy truck applications across the harshest conditions on earth. The D13’s Selective Catalytic Reduction technology has been recognized for years as one of the most effective emissions control systems in the industry. The Volvo D13 delivers impressive performance with excellent low-end torque. The result is greater driver control, seamless management, and superb drivability across a broad range of conditions.

Electronic Stability Program:

Watch this video to learn more about Prevost’s ESP:

Automatic troubleshooting and self-diagnosis:

Thanks to “multiplexed” electronic system architecture, Prevost’s diagnostic system allows your motorhome to continue to be operational in the unlikely event of a system malfunction. If a repair is required, this advanced diagnostic system is designed for ease of use, and to provide outstanding reliability and swift self-diagnosis. The system features clear and simple digital readouts directly on the instrument panel, so that the driver can quickly determine root cause without the need to refer to manuals or code keys. The unique Prevost “Plug & Play” concept means that a single application configures and updates all other modules and programs automatically. In addition, the software is designed to be easily uploaded by the Prevost operator.

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Environmental Responsibility


Prevost was the first to achieve ISO 14001 certification

Prevost was the first North American coach manufacturer to achieve ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System. Prevost’s commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond just respecting and upholding all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Their vision for sustainability is to continue to be the industry leader in reducing waste and pollution, and maximizing reuse of resources in both their processes and their products.

Engine Emissions:

To meet the requirements of the new, more stringent heavy-duty diesel EPA emissions standards for 2010 and beyond, Prevost specified the Volvo D13 engine with its advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The Volvo D13 is the only engine that reduces diesel emissions and improves air quality beyond the standards of the 2010 regulations, while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency. Thanks to our unique vertical installation and rooftop diffuser mount, the SCR and diesel particulate filter system generate less heat in the engine compartment, further contributing to clean and efficient engine operation. The vertical configuration also provides for easy access and safe maintenance, and protects the SCR components from damaging dirt, water and other road debris.

ISO 14001 leadership:

Prevost has been ISO 14001 certified since 1997. As the first and only North American coach manufacturer to have achieved this world-recognized environmental certification. Prevost is focused on continual improvement and refinement of their Environmental Management System and its attendant processes. Prevost selects suppliers and partners who share their passion for environmental care and conscientiousness. Prevost’s quest is to minimize the environmental impact of every aspect of their business.