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Our Mission

Changing the World… One Luxury Motorcoach at a Time

Mission Statement

To Design and Build the most Technologically Advanced, Reliable, Luxurious, and User Friendly coach in the world, to continually lead the industry in Innovation, always striving to be better, and then stand behind all that we do with Integrity and the Commitment to always do right by our customers. To accomplish this we must always stay true to these guiding Principles:

Our Culture

To work with Honor and Integrity, as a Team. To best serve our customers and the business. To bring Passion to everything we do. To lead with our Character, to achieve with our Work Ethic and to succeed with our Vision.

Our Employees

We build a Great Coach by first building a Great Team, one that treats each other with Respect and Appreciation. Together we will Encourage, Teach and Motivate each other to be Awesome, and accomplish greatness!

Our Product

Our commitment to Innovation, Quality, Our Customer’s Needs and the willingness to always Strive to be Better ensures that we will continue to produce the most Remarkable Luxury Coaches in the world.

Our Partners

We acknowledge the Hard Work of those who partner with Millennium to help us make our brand the number one luxury coach on the road today. It’s through their Commitment to their product and team that we are made even better.

Our Clients

When we bring our Best and are Fully Engaged and Committed to our Clients, we are able to provide Excellent Customer Service and create Customers for Life. We value our customers above all else. We will never take them for granted, never forget their needs, and will never stop being thankful for their commitment to us. In return we commit to always being there for them.