Millennium’s “The Journey” Debuts

Luxury Motorhome builder unveils “The Journey” a new series highlighting the Craftsmen, Customers, and the Fascinating RV Lifestyle, with exclusive behind the scenes footage of the luxury motorhome conversion industry; future episodes to be revealed.

SANFORD, Florida – January 10th, 2013 – Millennium Luxury Coaches is kicking off its 13th year in business producing luxury Prevost motorhomes, which can retail for over $2 million dollars, with a new video series featuring the craftsmen who build the rolling mansions, their extraordinary coach owners, and the excitement of the luxury RV lifestyle.

The series premier, Episode 1 – The Journey Begins…, which can be viewed on the company’s website or YouTube Channel, focuses on a handful of Millennium’s 85+ staff members, and captures the product from a perspective not usually seen, that of the master craftsmen who build these custom creations. The video also shares inspiring scenes of the coach build in progress and quotes from Millennium founders Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa. “It was great to pull back the curtain and show the world the pride and dedication to excellence that each of our employees have in crafting these stunning vehicles that represent a lifelong dream for many of our clients.” Says Evelyn Figueroa

Upcoming episodes, which the company will be revealing on their website and through various media outlets, will be premiered over the course of the year and beyond. Each episode will have a unique viewpoint, Episode 2 – The Perfect Getaway, will treat the viewer to a little fun. while others will highlight Millennium’s signature styles & innovations, outrageous rallies and events, and how individual customers enjoy their custom tailored creations on the open road.

“We have such a great time building our coaches and working with our amazing team to create these rolling mansions, while enjoying everything that’s involved in this RV lifestyle, but for the majority of the public all they get to see is the finished product. The Journey is all about what goes in to building our coaches, and the people behind them, but also exposes the fascinating Journey our coaches and their owners take once they leave our facility.”

Millennium won’t have any problem with interesting topics either. Over the company’s 13 year history of coach building their craftsmen have been tested many times over to meet customer’s custom requests for features and amenities often not associated with motorhome living. “From motorcycle and golf cart storage, to a rolling art gallery, and decked out play bays for kids and even one for Cats, we’ve built just about everything” says Nelson Figueroa. And according to Nelson he wouldn’t want it any other way, “Our customer’s over the top requests help keep us on the cutting edge of design and innovation,” something that the company in known for within the industry.

According to Nelson Figueroa “The Journey may begin now, but thanks to our phenomenal team, amazing customers, and this fascinating lifestyle, there’s no end in “sight”.

Fans of Millennium can keep up to date with newly released videos on the company’s website, or by subscribing to the YouTube Channel MillenniumLuxury

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