Millennium Luxury Coaches DEF Inlet Modification Stands Up To Prevost Inspections; Sets the groundwork for Prevost engineers to develop an OEM solution for their entire product line

Prevost engineers & management were recently present at Millennium Luxury Coaches’ manufacturing and sales facility in Central Florida for an inspection and review of the company’s controversial modification to relocate the Diesel Exhaust Fluid inlet to the drivers side of the coach. Prevost, a fully owned subsidiary of the Volvo Bus Corporation, uses EPA 2010 compliant Volvo D13 engines for their chassis for motor coach conversion use, which includes the mandated DEF system. The chassis are constructed with the DEF fill inlet on the passenger’s side of the coach, while fill stations, which have recently started installing DEF pumps, are placing them on the driver’s side. The opposing locations of the inlets and the pumps have provided challenges to owners of new Prevost coaches. Millennium Luxury Coaches, which converts exclusively Prevost chassis, took action. According to Nelson Figueroa, President of Millennium, “After four revisions and countless hours at the fuel pump we have developed the only successful relocation of the inlet fill port for the Prevost DEF system.”
Bus on Lifts
While there was little dispute that Millennium’s relocation worked, many in the industry doubted whether Prevost’s warranty would still remain intact after such a modification. A team of Prevost engineers and Senior Management, after an onsite visit and thorough inspection, determined that the Prevost warranty on DEF relocated Millennium coaches would not be affected. “We never had any doubts that our modification wouldn’t hold up to Prevost’s scrutiny, but it’s great to officially hear that our customer’s won’t have to worry about any warranty issues down the road, and can focus on what’s important, enjoying their coach”, stated Nelson Figueroa.

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