Millennium Gets EPIC!

Last night Millennium Luxury Coaches was featured on the series EPIC on the Destination America channel. The episode was appropriately named “EPIC RV’S”. With a title like that Millennium was of course a perfect fit. The episode lead with the Millennium segment where the features and styles of the custom RV’s were showcased.
Also in the episode were several clips from interviews with owners Nelson and Evelyn Figueroa. When asking Evelyn, how did it feel watching the episode featuring Millennium, the company you and Nelson worked so hard to create? She says, “We were so proud! We create an amazing product and it was so exciting to see our team featured doing such incredible work. The text messages and emails from all our friends and fans were just flying in as we watched and it was both humbling and exhilarating at once!” EPIC reveals how daydreamers took their passion to another level with the over-the-top and extravagant prized possessions and amazing creations. The shoot took place at Millennium’s manufacturing facility in Central Florida where the crew captured footage of the craftsmanship, technology, and innovation that’s involved in building a Millennium Prevost Bus conversion. Next, the crew headed out on a road trip to Mt. Olive Shores North. There, Millennium showcased an array of their amazing new features found on the latest Millennium models.