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Travel in Style

The Millennium Lifestyle is all about family and friends and fabulous destinations. All in the comfort and luxury of your Prevost motor home. Whether you’re looking for the ease of a quick little getaway or taking off on an extended journey to far away destinations, your Millennium allows you to travel in safety and style, taking all of the comforts of home to your new destination.

It’s all About the Ride

In a Millennium it truly is about the journey rather than the destination. We start with a Prevost chassis, known for its stellar ride and exceptional drive-ability. Half of the enjoyment is the time spent behind the wheel. Our custom ergonomic dash puts everything at your fingertips for safety and convenience.



Outdoor Entertaining

As all RV’ers will tell you, it’s really about the friends you make along the way. Lifelong friends are made sitting around the campfire and cooking on the grill. We put special emphasis on the outdoor entertaining areas because we know that’s where you’ll spend the majority of your time with friends.

From weekend tailgating at the football game or race track, to those month long stays at fabulous destination parks, there’s never a shortage of friends gathering around enjoying each others company and telling tall tales of journeys past.

Making Memories

The RV lifestyle has long been known to bring families together. Whether it’s a caravan of family members heading for the same destination or grandparents taking the grandkids out for a long holiday weekend. You’ll find yourself disconnecting from everyday life and reconnecting with each other. Making those memories that will last a lifetime.

making memories


Fabulous Destinations

Well sometimes it really is about the destination. From the comfort of your Millennium you can visit all those great places you’ve only heard about. Stand on the rim of The Grand Canyon, salmon fish in Alaska, hike in The Pacific Northwest or enjoy fresh lobster in New England.