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2015 Millennium H3-45, S4 Stock #10095

Back in the day, efficiency was a hand crank instead of a horse and buggy, but today you can be blown away by the efficiency and innovation a Millennium Luxury Coach can provide. While technology may be thought of as a “New-Fangled, Doo-Hickey” the features on our coaches, help improve your life and travels, so that with just a touch of a button your coach will have home automation features to stream music, set your thermostat, control lighting and extend awnings, faster than you can say “Thing-A-Ma-Bob.”

Coach Specs

  • Model : 2015 Millennium Prevost H3-45, S4
  • Length : 45.0 FT
  • Type : Prevost
  • Engine Type : Volvo D13
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Slides : Four (4)
  • Color : Brown/Copper/Black/

Coach Highlights

  • Mid Bath Floorplan
  • LED TVs
  • Surround Sound Systesm
  • 4-3,500 WATT Inverters
  • Bendix Blind Spot sensors
  • Savant Home Automation System