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2015 Millennium H3-45, S4 #0617

  • This contemporary style coach comes with tons of luxurious features, like a bathroom lined with beautiful cream porcelain tiles. Bedrooms on a Millennium coach provide the amenities of home and luxurious extras like custom bedding, heated floors, and rift oak cabinetry. Using Savant systems custom interface and an iPhone or iPad, Millennium owners can control virtually every aspect of their coach including the lights, awnings, entertainment options, and security system with the push of a virtual button.

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  • Model – 2015 Millennium Prevost H3-45, S4
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Volvo D13
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Four (4)
    Color – Black/White/Blue/Grey
    Stock Number – #0617
  • This coach is now located in Fort Worth, TX.

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2013 Millennium H3-45, S3 #0625

  • How can you go wrong with this stunning pre-loved coach? One step aboard and she will steal your heart! This pre-loved Millennium comes with all the bells and whistles, from home automation technology to luxurious designer accents and spacious layout… this will become your home away from home!

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  • Model – 2013 Millennium Prevost H3-45, S3
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Volvo D13
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Three (3)
    Color – Black/Gold/Red
    Stock Number – #0625

  • Video coming soon! Keep checking back in!

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2012 Millennium H3-45, S2 #0626

  • Just like new for a pre-owned price! Yet another beautiful interior in this double slide with a rear super slide. Creamy porcelain floors, Carpathian Elm cabinetry, chocolate and mahogany accents…it’s all in the works. Being a double slide with a rear super slide, the Master Suite is its own separate living area. With a 32″ LED TV you may never come out of the bedroom. Chances are, you won’t be getting a lot of work done in this beauty, you’ll probably want to kick back and enjoy the changing view as you travel around the countryside!

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  • Model – 2012 Millennium H3 45 S2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Detroit Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2)
    Color – Black/White/Brown/Tan
    Stock Number – #0626
Exterior of coach Exterior of coach

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2010 Millennium H3-45 SS2 #0619

  • Set one foot aboard this pre-loved 2010 Millennium and you will feel like you’re home. The cozy interior invites you to put up your feet and enjoy the ride. This ride is filled with designer accents and state-of-the-art technology, making your life not just comfortable… but easy too! Hurry this cozy retreat on wheels won’t last long!

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  • Model – 2010 Millennium H3-45 SS2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Detroit Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2)
    Color – Copper/Brown/White
    Stock Number – #0619

  • Video Coming Soon!
  • This coach is currently located in Sanford, Florida.
Exterior of coach Exterior of coach

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2008 Millennium H3-45, S2 #0606

  • Today is your lucky day! This stunning coach is fresh on the market and ready for a new home. The spacious interior, featuring a mid-bath layout, is gorgeous with its traditional styling, complete with designer accents for a polished and refined look. Along with the Crestron Home Automation system which makes life on the road a breeze, it’ll sure to be the envy of the RV resort.

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  • Model – 2008 Millennium H3-45 S2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type –Detroit Diesel Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2)
    Color – Black/Gold/Copper
    Stock Number – #0606

  • This coach is currently located in Sanford, Florida.
Exterior of coach Exterior of coach

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2004 Millennium XL2 S2 #8060

  • Exterior of coach
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  • She’s one classy lady! The combination of hardwood and Italian Granite flooring is sophisticated and yet practical and sets the stage for the exotic burl wood cabinetry. With lots’ of available storage and a shower big enough for two we’ve thought of everything. Equipped with all those great features you’ve come to expect from Millennium you’ll be ready to hit the road in style in the beautiful stylish coach.

  • Model – 2004 Millennium XLII S2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Detroit Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2)
    Color – Black-Chrome-Champaign-Chocolate
    Stock Number – #0535

  • She’s one classy lady! The combination of hardwood and Italian Granite flooring is sophisticated and yet practical and sets the stage for the exotic burl wood cabinetry. With lots’ of available storage and a shower big enough for two we’ve thought of everything. Equipped with all those great features you’ve come to expect from Millennium you’ll be ready to hit the road in style in the beautiful stylish coach.

  • Model – 2004 Millennium XLII S2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Detroit Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2)
    Color – Black-Chrome-Champaign-Chocolate
    Stock Number – #0535
  • This coach is currently located in Sanford, FL.

July 2015- Millennium’s Students Make the Grade…Literally!


Our latest quarterly meeting was turned into a family affair, as Millennium unveiled its latest project. No, not a new coach or gadget, but this time something for the kids! Owner and Founder, Nelson Figueroa has created a new incentive program for the children of Millennium employees, in which they are rewarded for good grades on their quarterly report card.

There were smiles and high-fives all around, as these excited young scholars were acknowledged for their hard work and efforts. Nelson stated, “We want young people to be encouraged to stay in school and make good grades; whether they want to be a doctor, astronaut, engineer, ballet dancer or CEO, they all have the ability and we want to acknowledge their effort.”

Nelson continued, “It is my hope that this is the start of something big, and that this program continues to grow each year with even more students committing to working hard and to ultimately making their dreams come true.”

Congratulations again to all of our hard working students! Keep up the great work!

March 2015- Millennium’s First Quarter is a Huge Success!

With the start of 2015, Millennium Luxury Coaches garnered great success at the 2015 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa. It was an impressive showing by Millennium fans that crowded around to see the 110 inch widescreen video wall, complete with invisible speakers, and to then take tours of new coaches on display.

By the time the show was over Millennium had pre-sold the first 2017 model year coach, which will also be the company’s flagship coach for the 2016 SuperShow.  With the recent conclusion of Millennium’s annual Open House at their headquarters in Central Florida, the company confirmed the second pre- sale of another 2017 model year coach, resulting from the event.

To the company this illustrates the pride that their customers have in the Millennium brand, which is known for its industry innovation, customer service and craftsmanship.  Strong sales and pre-orders have left just 4 more 2016 model year coaches available for purchase.

Owner and founder, Nelson Figueroa stated, “Millennium has led the industry in the ability to satisfy our customers’ requests, and has had a dramatic increase in custom orders over the past 3 years.” Figueroa continues, “this success within the realm of custom coaches is a true honor as it speaks to the loyalty of our customers, not only to our product, but to our amazing team as well.”

RV Week

October 2014- Millennium is back on Primetime TV!

The popular Travel Channel series, “Extreme RVs” season premier opens with a pair of back to back episodes on Sunday, October 5th, 2014, at 9pm EST. The 10pm episode features a custom built 2015 Millennium Coach with 4 expanding slides, full of the latest technology and designer accents.

This premiere episode of “Extreme RVs,” entitled “Winnebago’s First Ever Grand Tour, $2 Million Millennium Palace, Willie Nelson’s Private Coach,” features coach owners Howard and Debbie Palmer at their getaway in the Florida Keys, and their aptly named “$2 Million Dollar Millennium Palace,” which was custom built to the Palmer’s exact specifications and features the kind of luxury and technical innovations that Millennium is known for. “When we walked aboard for the first time we were speechless, I actually got a little teary,” stated owner Debbie Palmer, “there’s nothing I would change; I love how it all came together.”

Tune in to the Travel Channel- Sunday, October 5th at 10pm to catch this special glimpse inside Millennium!

RV Week

July 2014- Millennium Wins Big on Travel Channel’s RV Week

This year the Travel Channel’s RV week featured some of the world’s most amazing coaches and Millennium is proud that we were featured throughout the entire week. RV week on the travel channel kicked off with Mega RV Countdown and Extreme RVs. These shows provide the at-home viewer a behind the wheel look at the most luxurious and extreme “Homes on the Road.” With approximately 37 million viewers it’s no wonder that luxury motor coaching continually captivates the devoted traveler and those filled with wanderlust. While we were sad to see the Travel Channel’s RV week come to an end, we are thrilled that we were featured an incredible 6 times on prime time television.

During the Mega RV Countdown episode “Epic NASCAR,” A Millennium coach was ranked first place and featured our very own Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa, where they took a Millennium to the beach for a family vacation.

Mega RV Countdown also featured an episode entitled “The Best of Sturgis,” where we again came in first place, plus took second place as well, with an amazing father-son duo that captured the viewers’ awe with their love of the Sturgis motorcycle rally and their tricked- out coaches built for kings.

Not only does Mega RV Countdown, countdown the best in luxury and technology, but they also feature extreme RVs. Who would have thought of an off-roading RV? That is exactly what Linda and Richard Haddock decided to do with their Millennium coach. To the Haddocks life wasn’t just about the “Highway” (insert classic “Life is Highway” pun here), but more importantly off the highway, as they were featured on an episode of Mega RV Countdown for top off-roading R V’s and again taking home first place!

The last Millennium feature during the Travel Channel’s RV week comes from the episode $100,000 paint job. Another unique Millennium coach was the name sake of the episode, featuring a paint job that could bring a tear to the eye of any RV Coach enthusiast. This “Blue Ribbon” coach may not have taken home a blue ribbon on the show, but you can’t go wrong when the whole episode is built around your $100,000 paint job!

Whether a beach getaway, extreme off-roading, a father-son road trip or the Sistine Chapel of Luxury Coach paint Jobs, Millennium is continually pursuing excellence and carving our name into the foundation of the luxury RV industry. We hope that in future years we can again reclaim our titles and dominate not only the rankings, but also dominate our customer’s expectations on what it means to have a Millennium Luxury Coach and be a part of our Millennium family. We would again like to thank all of our generous coach owners for allowing the world a glimpse into their lives and their amazing coaches.

RV Week

May 2014- Millennium Show Coach Featured on the Cover of FMCA Magazine

Millennium has been featured on the June cover of Family Motor Coaching Magazine. The opulent coach, a 2015 Millennium Prevost H3-45, Quad-Slide, made its first public appearance at the 2014 Tampa SuperShow, as our flagship model. This is the second time that we’ve proudly been featured on the cover of the popular industry publication, after originally gracing the November 2008 issue.

The accompanying article, written by Christopher Dougherty, gives readers an exclusive look at the custom features innovated by the Millennium team. The luxury RV is packed with the latest technology, including a Savant Systems Home Automation System that gives Millennium owners control over their entire coach at the push of a button, including capabilities never before seen in the industry. Dougherty had the chance to speak to Millennium owners Nelson and Evelyn Figueroa, about their mission and what the future holds for the company. He writes, “Millennium Luxury Coaches is a company built on dreams and hard work, crafting custom coach conversions that are the dreams of those who have worked hard. It shows in every detail.”

You can read the article here


April 2014- Millennium featured in RV PRO Magazine

Millennium is excited to announce that we’ve been featured in the April issue of RV PRO Magazine. The article, titled “Conversion Coaches: Mansions on Wheels” gave industry experts, including Millennium owners Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa, a chance to give insights on current trends in the luxury coach industry. Readers get an in-depth look at how custom our coaches really are and are taken on the journey of a Millennium coach, from the design process to delivery. What stands out the most in this article is Millennium’s customer service policy: 24 hour access to the Millennium team, from President Nelson all the way to our head technicians. If you’d like to read more about our conversion process, head on over to the RV Pro website or click the link here http://read.uberflip.com/i/284844.

Millennium at the 2014 Florida RV SuperShow

This year’s SuperShow started off with gloomy weather, but we didn’t let that slow us down one bit. Record attendance meant that we had the opportunity to meet some great fans and industry professionals. As if making tons of new friends wasn’t good enough, we sold 3 beautiful coaches at the event, including the 2015 Millennium Prevost H3-45, S4 #10090. The coach received rave reviews from all that came to see it, particularly complimenting its one of a kind, modern interior design.

We were honored when one of our coaches was chosen to be showcased by Prevost, to demonstrate its structural integrity. The sales and tremendous amount of positive feedback from the SuperShow remind us that hard work and our dedication to quality always pay off. We’re confident that the great outcome of this year’s SuperShow is an indicator of all the great things that lie ahead for Millennium.
Millennium Coach 90

Ranked #1 on the Mega RV Countdown on the Travel Channel

Millennium Luxury Coaches recently received great news in the midst of preparing to depart for this year’s Florida RV SuperShow. Millennium coaches ranked #1 and #2 on the Travel Channel’s “Mega RV Countdown: Best of Sturgis”! The world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings together not only impressive bikes, but some of the most extravagant RVs in the United States. The beautiful Millennium coaches, dubbed “Mac Daddy” and “The Graduate” are owned by Shane and Ashton Guirdy. Shane recently upgraded to a 2014 Millennium Prevost and handed over his 2009 Millennium Prevost to his son Ashton as a graduation present. Both coaches are packed with the best technological features and customized amenities any father-son duo could ask for. Millennium Luxury Coaches is honored to have won top honors on this countdown and appreciates everyone’s continued support.

Check out Millennium on the Countdown here

2013 Golden 100 Award Winner – Ultimate Newcomer

Hot off the Presses!
We had to clear yet another spot in the awards display for the newest honor Millennium has received. The well-known Orlando Business Journal selected us for their 29th Annual Golden 100 Ultimate Newcomer Award. Specifically aimed at honoring privately held firms that have shown consistent growth, the Golden 100 is one of Orlando’s most prestigious business honors. Selected by an independent panel of judges, companies competing for the coveted award were considered based upon their contribution to the economic growth within our region. We at Millennium are so honored to be selected for this award that showcases our hard work and diligence, as well as our Central Florida roots.


Award Winning RV builder, Millennium Luxury Coaches, Back for the Season 2 Premiere of Destination America’s popular “EPIC” TV Series.


SANFORD, Florida – July 10th 2013 – Discovery Network’s Destination America is to feature a pair of custom built, multi-million dollar RVs, from award winning builder Millennium Luxury Coaches, on their Season 2 premiere of EPIC, Monday July 15th at 9pm EST. Millennium made an appearance on EPIC during the first season, showing off the company’s innovative “Dream Machine”, while this year’s coaches have even more over the top surprises to impress even the most fashionable and tech savvy viewers.

Destination America is the first network to celebrate the people, places and stories of the United States, while EPIC explores the most excessive and outrageous items that people are willing to spend fortunes on. Epic shows how these splurges were made, how they work, and why in the world people go to such great lengths to acquire their dream.

This year EPIC welcomes back Millennium Luxury Coaches, the Central Florida builder of the “Dream Machine” featured last season. This time around EPIC will focus on two unique coaches, custom built and filled with new personalized features as amazing and entertaining at the coach owners themselves. One decked out with so many high tech gadgets that James Bond would be proud to take it on his next mission, to a coach that is the culmination of 2 decades worth of searching for the perfect ride.

Millennium Luxury Coaches will be featured on the season 2 premiere of EPIC on July 15th, at 9pm EST on Destination America, along with other amazing vehicles of recreation, and will continue to entertain viewers over the course of the new season with other extravagant amenities and the people who make them, including floating homes, helicopter landing pads, wine cellars and pools with their own private lazy river, slides and underwater speakers, as EPIC spotlights the most imaginative creations found right next door.

For more on this story click HERE!

RV Pro Honoring Our Industries Military Veterans

RV Pro Magazine dedicated this month’s magazine to honoring the industries military veterans,including our very own commander and chief engineer Nelson Figueroa. To read the full article Click here
Nelson Figueroa in Military Uniform

Meet Nelson Figueroa

Position/Company: President, Millennium Luxury Coaches
Served: U.S. Army, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)
Rank: Sergeant (E-5)
Point of Pride: I have great pride for the time I spent in service to my country. As the youngest member of my team promoted to the E-5 rank, I was able to lead a team of professionals to accomplish and maintain the highest aircraft readiness status record achieved within our regiment to date. Known as the Army’s premier night fighting aviation force, the Night Stalkers worked with the most advanced avionics equipment and pioneered night flight techniques. My Special Operations unit was often the first to work with the latest, most advanced technology before it was ever available in the civilian world, for example GPS, Night Vision (FLIR) and carbon fiber composites. Working in the regiment responsible for aircraft readiness in the field or on base, it was our responsibility to transport and extract the most elite fighting teams in the military (SEALS, Rangers and snipers.) The Army taught me to step out into the unknown without fear and gave me the skills needed to do so successfully. These are the same principles I use today when leading my team.


For the 7th year the Association for Corporate Growth has held the prestigious SMART Awards, which honors leading companies in their industry for excellence based on quantitative factors such as growth in revenue, profitability, and number of employees, as well as subjective factors like business innovations, product development, quality, entrepreneurial achievement, and community involvement. Selected by an independent panel of judges, past winners have included some of Florida’s largest and most respected businesses. Learn more about the SMART Awards here.

Millennium was proud to have been considered among such highly respected companies, and “it was truly an honor to be selected for the award in the field of manufacturing and distribution”, says Nelson Figueroa, President of Millennium. After the award celebration Millennium celebrated the success with the entire Millennium team at their monthly company lunch, proudly displaying the award for all to see, while Millennium owners Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa personally thanked the staff for their hard work, and commitment to excellence which allowed Millennium to take home this top honor.

An EPIC Performance

Last week was phenomenal for us here at Millennium, not only did we deliver 4 coaches to proud new owners, but we kicked off the week with a staring role in EPIC RV’s which premiered this past Monday night on the Destination America channel. The hour long program started off with a bang, featuring several new Millenniums, including the “Dream Machine” an H3-45 featuring four slide outs, a 55” TV with Bose surround sound and iSecure, the most advanced coach security and control system in the world. EPIC also interviewed owners Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa and asked the charismatic couple about many of Millennium’s signature features, like boasting the most advanced technology in the market and dedication to old world craftsmanship, as well as featuring their use of quality products such as real hard wood floors and hand laid Mother of Pearl tiles.
The episode, which devoted a full 1/3 of the show to Millennium, also showcased the high level of customization and EPIC commitment to customer service. “We’re here for our customers 24/7” says Nelson, “and we mean it.” Some might have been surprised to learn that with all of the amazing features on a Millennium that Nelson’s personal favorite is the pressure washer, but Evelyn can confirm that he does indeed love it. As for Evelyn “We create an amazing product and it was so exciting to see our team featured doing such incredible work!”

See all of Millennium’s Television Features

Millennium Gets EPIC!

Last night Millennium Luxury Coaches was featured on the series EPIC on the Destination America channel. The episode was appropriately named “EPIC RV’S”. With a title like that Millennium was of course a perfect fit. The episode lead with the Millennium segment where the features and styles of the custom RV’s were showcased.
Also in the episode were several clips from interviews with owners Nelson and Evelyn Figueroa. When asking Evelyn, how did it feel watching the episode featuring Millennium, the company you and Nelson worked so hard to create? She says, “We were so proud! We create an amazing product and it was so exciting to see our team featured doing such incredible work. The text messages and emails from all our friends and fans were just flying in as we watched and it was both humbling and exhilarating at once!” EPIC reveals how daydreamers took their passion to another level with the over-the-top and extravagant prized possessions and amazing creations. The shoot took place at Millennium’s manufacturing facility in Central Florida where the crew captured footage of the craftsmanship, technology, and innovation that’s involved in building a Millennium Prevost Bus conversion. Next, the crew headed out on a road trip to Mt. Olive Shores North. There, Millennium showcased an array of their amazing new features found on the latest Millennium models.

The Prevost Service Locator Mobile App

Locating a Prevost Service Provider just became much smoother with the Prevost Service Locator Mobile App. The app is incredibly easy to use, with the users only needing one touch to find the nearest Prevost Service Provider. The app features detailed information about the 7 Prevost Service Centers and 133 Prevost-certified Service Providers throughout North America.

For example, if you are in Albuquerque for their Annual Balloon Festival, you can find the nearest service provider according to your current location, or they can search for a provider by state. When you select a service provider, users can view all of the service provider’s relevant information. Such as, address, phone number, e-mail, list of services and written directions. You can then tap the phone number to automatically call, send an e-mail, open the website or view a map showing the service provider’s location and turn by turn directions from their current location. The app is available in English, French and Spanish versions. Mobile device users can download the app for free at Apple’s App Store or Android Market (Google Play).



The map provided in the app also has lots of features that will help you find the closest Prevost Service Provider. Here is a list:

  • Map
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Current Location with Latitude / Longitude
  • GPS Activation button / Blue – on, Red – off (upper left hand corner)
  • 3 View Modes: Map / Satellite / Hybrid
  • Service Provider pop-ups with name, distance from current location, and link to detailed Service Provider info
  • Quickly zoom in / out with simple to use pre-sets
  • Service Provider Information:
  • Name
  • Telephone numbers: Regional / Sales / Service
  • Address
  • Email
  • Web page
  • 1 click direct access to: Web, Maps, Phone, or Email
  • Services available

Prevost Tools App!

Prevost Car Co. has introduced another mobile app which allows Prevost operators and maintenance facilities to “easily access many valuable resources,” according to a press release. The newest Prevost app, called Prevost Tools, works with any mobile device such as Apple iOS or Android phones and tablets and allows users to link to wiring diagrams, pneumatic diagrams, technical manuals, driver’s guides and service bulletins for any Prevost or Volvo motorcoach. The app also provides links to Prevost online warranty services, Prevost Liaison telematics system and online parts ordering. Users can connect to the Prevost Merchandise website and Prevost Diecast Model website as well. In addition, the app contains a gallery of seated coach and motorhome images which can be downloaded or set as wall paper for the mobile device.

This effort is part of a company wide program to provide easy access to important tools for operators and drivers. Michael Power, Prevost Director of Marketing, says, “Prevost recognizes that the technologies which are readily available to customers can be used to make their business more productive and efficient. So we have taken advantage of these tools and turned them into a valuable, cost-effective, any-time, any-where resource, which makes our customer’s business more valuable. This opens the opportunity for operators to provide better quality service and a safer customer experience.”

Millennium’s “The Journey” Debuts

Luxury Motorhome builder unveils “The Journey” a new series highlighting the Craftsmen, Customers, and the Fascinating RV Lifestyle, with exclusive behind the scenes footage of the luxury motorhome conversion industry; future episodes to be revealed.

SANFORD, Florida – January 10th, 2013 – Millennium Luxury Coaches is kicking off its 13th year in business producing luxury Prevost motorhomes, which can retail for over $2 million dollars, with a new video series featuring the craftsmen who build the rolling mansions, their extraordinary coach owners, and the excitement of the luxury RV lifestyle.

The series premier, Episode 1 – The Journey Begins…, which can be viewed on the company’s website or YouTube Channel, focuses on a handful of Millennium’s 85+ staff members, and captures the product from a perspective not usually seen, that of the master craftsmen who build these custom creations. The video also shares inspiring scenes of the coach build in progress and quotes from Millennium founders Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa. “It was great to pull back the curtain and show the world the pride and dedication to excellence that each of our employees have in crafting these stunning vehicles that represent a lifelong dream for many of our clients.” Says Evelyn Figueroa

Upcoming episodes, which the company will be revealing on their website and through various media outlets, will be premiered over the course of the year and beyond. Each episode will have a unique viewpoint, Episode 2 – The Perfect Getaway, will treat the viewer to a little fun. while others will highlight Millennium’s signature styles & innovations, outrageous rallies and events, and how individual customers enjoy their custom tailored creations on the open road.

“We have such a great time building our coaches and working with our amazing team to create these rolling mansions, while enjoying everything that’s involved in this RV lifestyle, but for the majority of the public all they get to see is the finished product. The Journey is all about what goes in to building our coaches, and the people behind them, but also exposes the fascinating Journey our coaches and their owners take once they leave our facility.”

Millennium won’t have any problem with interesting topics either. Over the company’s 13 year history of coach building their craftsmen have been tested many times over to meet customer’s custom requests for features and amenities often not associated with motorhome living. “From motorcycle and golf cart storage, to a rolling art gallery, and decked out play bays for kids and even one for Cats, we’ve built just about everything” says Nelson Figueroa. And according to Nelson he wouldn’t want it any other way, “Our customer’s over the top requests help keep us on the cutting edge of design and innovation,” something that the company in known for within the industry.

According to Nelson Figueroa “The Journey may begin now, but thanks to our phenomenal team, amazing customers, and this fascinating lifestyle, there’s no end in “sight”.

Fans of Millennium can keep up to date with newly released videos on the company’s website, or by subscribing to the YouTube Channel MillenniumLuxury

Millennium Luxury Coaches DEF Inlet Modification Stands Up To Prevost Inspections; Sets the groundwork for Prevost engineers to develop an OEM solution for their entire product line

Prevost engineers & management were recently present at Millennium Luxury Coaches’ manufacturing and sales facility in Central Florida for an inspection and review of the company’s controversial modification to relocate the Diesel Exhaust Fluid inlet to the drivers side of the coach. Prevost, a fully owned subsidiary of the Volvo Bus Corporation, uses EPA 2010 compliant Volvo D13 engines for their chassis for motor coach conversion use, which includes the mandated DEF system. The chassis are constructed with the DEF fill inlet on the passenger’s side of the coach, while fill stations, which have recently started installing DEF pumps, are placing them on the driver’s side. The opposing locations of the inlets and the pumps have provided challenges to owners of new Prevost coaches. Millennium Luxury Coaches, which converts exclusively Prevost chassis, took action. According to Nelson Figueroa, President of Millennium, “After four revisions and countless hours at the fuel pump we have developed the only successful relocation of the inlet fill port for the Prevost DEF system.”
Bus on Lifts
While there was little dispute that Millennium’s relocation worked, many in the industry doubted whether Prevost’s warranty would still remain intact after such a modification. A team of Prevost engineers and Senior Management, after an onsite visit and thorough inspection, determined that the Prevost warranty on DEF relocated Millennium coaches would not be affected. “We never had any doubts that our modification wouldn’t hold up to Prevost’s scrutiny, but it’s great to officially hear that our customer’s won’t have to worry about any warranty issues down the road, and can focus on what’s important, enjoying their coach”, stated Nelson Figueroa.

Click here to learn more about the DEF system and Millennium’s Solution

It’s Official, Millennium is EPIC!

Millennium Luxury Coaches recently had the privilege of being visited by a production crew from Tremendous! Entertainment, which produces many popular shows including Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, who were filming for an upcoming series titled EPIC. The new show will air on Destination America, a new cable TV channel from the Discovery Network, celebrating the people, places and stories of the United States. EPIC reveals how daydreamers took their passion to another level with the over-the-top and extravagant prized possessions and amazing creations. The shoot took place at Millennium’s manufacturing facility in Central Florida where the crew captured footage of the craftsmanship, technology, and innovation that’s involved in building a Millennium Prevost Bus conversion. Next, the crew headed out on a road trip to Mt. Olive Shores North. Here, Millennium Luxury Coaches showcased an array of their amazing new features found on the latest Millennium models.
Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa, owners of Millennium, said their favorite part of the filming was taking time out from their daily duties of overseeing the company to reflect on the tremendous amount of growth they’ve experienced in this highly competitive industry. “It’s taken hard work and 100% commitment to the product and the client to become the number one converter in this industry,” said Nelson Figueroa, President “and we didn’t do it alone. Our team of dedicated craftsmen brings passion to the playing field every day.” In addition to the Millennium footage, EPIC will also feature other imaginative products, their owners, and the people that make them. Epic premieres on Destination American on January 14th, with the Epic RV’s episode air date to be determined. Epic on Destination America

We love introducing our new Millennium owners but Neal and Donna Boortz may not need an introduction!

Many of you may recognize Neal from his wildly popular syndicated radio talk show, The Neal Boortz Show. As controversial as Neal can be on air, Donna says he’s just a big softy, and we tend to agree! No strangers to the RV lifestyle, Neal and Donna have been RV’ing for over 30 years visiting many of the US National Parks. Although they’ve enjoyed traveling in many types of Class A Motorhomes, owning a Prevost has always been on Neal’s Bucket List and we couldn’t be happier that they’ve chosen a Millennium!
When he and wife Donna aren’t exploring Yosemite or hiking through Glacier National Park, you may find Neal enjoying another past time, aviation. As his millions of listeners can tell you, Boortz is also an avid pilot and hot air ballooner, taking to the skies whenever possible. While they have plenty of travel options, none are as functional as their Millennium, and they don’t have to run anything past the TSA to use it. Now in his 41st year in talk radio with over six million listeners tuning in each weekday you’d be surprised to know Donna isn’t one of them. She’s never listened to his show. Neal claims this is way they’ve managed a life together of relative tranquility since 1973. Donna spends her time administering a charitable foundation she founded in 2005. Neal will tell you that the best status symbol anyone can obtain is a long-term marriage. While their coach was designed to be the ultimate in luxury and enjoyment, the “Boortz Bus” isn’t just for play, it also serves as a mobile office and has been equipped with remote broadcasting systems too.
Boortz, who plans on using his coach 7-8 months a year, can broadcast with a moment’s notice just about anywhere in the country. Whether sharing his latest tale of exploration with his fans, or reporting live on location with breaking news, you’ll be sure to hear from him, after all “somebody’s gotta say it!” and now, thanks to Millennium, he can say it from anywhere!

July 2012 – Canadian Import Approved

Millennium Luxury coaches has been, added to Transport Canada’s “List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States”

If you’re a Canadian friend that has inquired about importing a Millennium Luxury Coach into Canada, you know that the answer wasn’t exactly the most favorable. Well now we are proud to say that purchasing a Millennium Luxury Coach just got a little easier! After months of rigorous testing and documentation, we are pleased to announce that Millennium Luxury Coaches Prevost conversions are preapproved to be in compliance with all applicable Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS), meet all requirements of Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) and can now be imported to Canada. Millennium Luxury Coaches have been added to Transport Canada’s “List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States.”

“We are excited to be able to offer our world class product to Canadian citizens” says Nelson Figueroa, President of Millennium Luxury Coaches. “This has been a long time coming and our team worked very hard with Canadian officials to assure compliance.”

With pre-clearance, Millennium Luxury Coaches has simplified the importation process which in turn provides ease and effortlessness by significantly minimizing the customer’s time and effort before and after the vehicle crosses the border. Whether looking for a new or pre-owned Millennium, our favorite Canucks also get the opportunity to enjoy all the great features that Millennium has to offer!

Source: PitchEngine

Millennium Featured on the Travel Channel’s Ultimate Travel TV Show

Millennium was recently selected to be featured on the TV show Ultimate Travel, for their “Tricked Out Trailers” episode, appearing on the Travel Channel. Evelyn, Nelson and the crew had a great time filming some of Millennium’s signature features like our distinctive interior designs, advanced electronics, and our always popular entertainment bays, as well as brand new options like remote security & travel cameras, and coach control systems

November 2011 – Pro Golfer Mark Calcavecchia on his New Millennium

Mark and Brenda Calcavecchia and dogs in their New Millennium Coach

Pro Golfer Mark Calcavecchia, “Calc”, is the most recent athlete to become a proud owner of a Millennium Luxury Coach. Calcavecchia turned Pro in 1981 and has 27 Professional wins to his credit, including 2nd place in the Masters Tournament in 1988, and Wining The Open Championship in 1989. Mark recently joined the Champions Tours after finishing his PGA Tour career with 13 Tour wins, and ranking 18th on the Tour career money list.

Calc’s Luxury Coach is a top of the line 2012 Millennium Quad-Slide, Prevost. As stunning as its’ vibrant Red and Black paint scheme, the interior is even more lavish. Using only the finest materials, cutting edge technology, and custom built by the most skilled staff in the industry, it’s truly an amazing site. Equally amazing is the technological advancements that Millennium is known for. But being one of the most High-Tech Luxury coaches on the road doesn’t mean it’s difficult to operate. No having to worry about juggling complex remotes in a Millennium, the entire Coach can be controlled using the included iPad with ease. And since it’s a Prevost it comes with unparalleled handling and performance, and built to last.

We look forward to seeing Mark Calcavecchia Celebrate many more Victories to and from Tours as he, Wife Brenda, and dogs Miss Ellie, Brutus Buckeye, and Mollie travel in one of the most remarkable Luxury Coaches in the World.

Q. You got any good buss stories? Why did you buy the bus? Is it really cost effective to you after all?

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: actually it is, we were just talking this week. I don’t miss the packing up and getting to the hotel and throwing your stuff on the hotel shuttle bus. That didn’t do my back good either. It was just nice have to all your stuff there. Just got off a month in North Carolina, two weeks in Texas, Disney stretch, and had the dogs with us. It was just a blast. It seems to work I think really well for this tour for the most part. It really is fun to drive. It’s just comfortable. It’s truly your home on wheels. You know, Brenda is not a good flyer. She’s been talking about it for five or six years. I didn’t think she was half serious most of the time, but she was. Finally she talked me into it, and I really took to it. I like it. But it’s not for everybody. Yeah, a motor home, the first bus we bought was a Tiffin Zephyr, a 45-footer. It was electrically cursed, so we got rid of it. Now we own a — naturally we upgraded to the Prevost Millennium, which is pretty much the rock star bus. I haven’t hit anything with that yet. Took out my gate, the one that I just tried to widen by digging up the grass, with the other one. That wrecked quite a bit. I’m only the driver. Yep, I’m it.

Q. (No microphone.)

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: I don’t know. We don’t even know how big it is. It’s a whole lot bigger than the hotel room we’re in right now, I can promise you that. There is no bar in my hotel room either. Your got to go down to the lobby. That’s a pain in the butt. So you got your movies, your stereo, bar, refrigerator, two bathrooms in the thing. What else do you need? It’s unbelievable.

Q. (No microphone.)

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, that would be nice on occasion. Of all the miles we put in this summer, there were a couple days I didn’t feel like driving. Like I said, I can get anywhere in a couple days. I can drive 800 miles a day. Doesn’t bother me.

Q. How many flat screens do you have in it?


September 2011 – Jimmie Van Zant Band Tour

Jimmie Van Zant and Millennium, a “Rocking” Combination!

When Famous Southern Rock Star Jimmie Van Zant was in town on tour with the Jimmie Van Zant Band, only the Best Coach would do. So Naturally he choose a Millennium. Check-out Jimmie and his crew Relaxing in his Coach before the Big Concert.

August 2011 – Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Ribbon Cutting

Millennium Luxury Coaches held its ribbon cutting celebration at their new location in Sanford. The event featured food, drinks and entertainment along with tours of their luxury RVs. There was also a silent auction and raffle to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

This new location is 100,000.00 sq.ft, and in addition to all the extra space for new coach conversions the company also offers an extensive selection of pre-owned coaches, consignment sales, renovation and remodel services, onsite coach storage and customer camping area, operates a full service collision center, and custom paint facility.

June 2011 – HouseSmarts TV

Millennium Featured on HouseSmarts TV with Lou Manfredini

Well we’re know for a while that our coaches are definitely smarter than a 5th grader but Lou Manfredini of House Smarts TV thinks so too! House Smarts TV recently visited with us here at Millennium and filmed a featured piece showcasing our Luxury Conversions.

March 2011 – Millennium Going Strong in 2011

Millennium Luxury Coaches - Main Facility
Nelson Figueroa launched Millennium Luxury Coaches in Sanford during the 2001 recession but built the bus conversion company into a leader in the field with more than 60 employees and a 100,000-sq.-ft. facility. Figueroa, a former U.S. Army avionics specialist from Puerto Rico, and his wife and business partner, Evelyn, test-drive every RV they design and furnish them with leather, mahogany and stone. Millennium was named one of Florida’s 50 private companies to watch in 2011 by GrowFL and the Florida Economic Gardening Institute. Source: Florida Trend

February 2011 – Millennium, On the Road to Success

Inside of a New Prevost Luxury Coach Quad Slide, By Millennium Luxury Coaches

Millennium Luxury Coaches, a company based in Sanford, Fl, that converts high-end Prevost bus shells, is one of 50 businesses that will receive the ”2011 Florida Companies to Watch” award during a ceremony Thursday (Feb. 17) at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. ”We were thrilled to find out that we were being considered for it, and when we found out we had won, we were very excited,” said Evelyn Figueroa, vice president of the 62-employee converter that she and her husband, Nelson, founded in 2001. The award is presented to ”second stage” Florida firms with between $750,000 and $50 million in annual revenue or working capital that have demonstrated ”the intent and capacity to grow based on employee or sales growth, exceptional entrepreneurial leadership (or) sustainable competitive advantage,” according to a news release. The company converts about a dozen Prevost coaches a year — 70% of which are built on spec — that are marketed at Millennium’s own rallies and at major U.S. RV shows, Evelyn Figueroa told RVBUSINESS.com.

Retail prices for new conversions range from $1.5 million to $1.8 million, depending on the configuration of slideouts in the Prevost chassis. Between new units, trade-ins and consignments, Millennium sells about 30 units a year, she said. ”We are selling some to people who are on their second and third coach,” she said. Millennium also refurbishes Prevost-based motorhomes for existing owners. ”We do anything from installing a new DVD player to a $300,000 remodel where we redo an entire interior,” Figueroa said. Millennium operates out of a 100,000-square-foot factory east of Orlando that includes separate remodeling, collision and paint centers. Although some high-end manufacturers went out of business or saw retail sales dip sharply during the recession, Figueroa said Millennium didn’t feel the effect. We never had a decline in business,” she said. ”Actually, last year was the best year for our company and we expect to do better this year. ”When everybody else went into recession mode, we expanded,” she added. ”That’s not to say that we took lightly what was going on around us. But by diversifying our business and increasing our market share, we didn’t feel the recession.

We can’t build as many as we could sell.” The ”2011 Florida Companies to Watch” award is sponsored by state-funded GrowFL economic development initiative, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida and the Florida chapters of the Association for Corporate Growth, in association with the Michigan-based Edward Lowe Foundation.We already are taking orders for next year.

By Bob Ashley Source: RV Business News

January 2011 – Millennium Recognized as a Company to Watch in 2011

Millennium Luxury Coaches has been recognized as a recipient of the inaugural 2011 Florida Companies to Watch Award

Out of the over 1.3 million businesses registered in the state of Florida, Millennium was one of just Fifty companies from across the state selected for the award, and just 1 of 2 from Seminole County. They will receive their awards at an awards gala on Thursday, February 17 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida.

2011 Florida Company to Watch Award Winner

January 31, 2011 01:00 PM Eastern Time ORLANDO, Fla. (EON: Enhanced Online News) Led by husband and wife team, Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa, Millennium Luxury Coaches custom build one of a kind, multi million dollar, Prevost motorcoaches using the finest, highest quality materials, and most advanced technology and equipment in the industry. From electronics to upholstery, Millennium does it all; employing a staff with an incredibly diverse range of skill sets allows them to not only build their own line of Luxury motorcoaches, but service and remodel just about any motorhome on the road. But as much as their customers and fans rave about their amazing creations, it’s their focus on customer service that really sets them apart in the Prevost motorcoach industry.

Florida Companies to Watch is an awards program that celebrates privately held second-stage companies headquartered in the state. To be eligible, applicants must employ between 6 and 99 full-time equivalent employees and have between $750,000 and $50 million in annual revenue or working capital in place. Awardees are selected for demonstrating the intent and capacity to grow based on employee or sales growth, exceptional entrepreneurial leadership, sustainable competitive advantage or other notable strengths.

Millennium Luxury Coaches, builder of fine luxury motorcoaches, is headquartered in Sanford, FL – USA. Founded in 2001 by husband and wife, Nelson & Evelyn Figueroa, President and Vice President respectively, is an industry leader known for innovation, superior products and customer service. In 2010 Millennium expanded to a new facility nearly 4 times larger, and continues to grow in 2011.

Source: EON News-Wire

January 2011 – Newstalk Radio WWWBA 820

News Talk Radio WWWBA 820 interviews Nelson & Evelyn at the 2011 RV SuperShow

Nelson and Evelyn do an Interview for Talk Radio
Well we figured everyone had already heard everything we had to say, but go figure! Newstalk Radio WWWBA 820 wanted to talk to US! Nelson and Evelyn sat down for a chat with host Christopher Markowski at the Tampa RV SuperShow. Christopher had tons of questions about these amazing vehicles we build and the people who drive them. Source: Newstalk Radio WWWBA 820

September 2010 – What Kind of People Sell Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Motorcoaches?

Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa in Lake Mary Life Magazine

World-class luxury awaits as you board a Millennium Luxury Coach. Lavishly appointed with rare imported Italian stone, each coach features top-grain leather captain’s chairs and rich, exotic burl wood all hand-selected to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients. The warm glow from the ornate wall sconces accentuates the rich luster of handcrafted mahogany cabinets, all wearing their own custom designed piece of jeweled hardware inlayed with Swarovski crystals. With handlaid, cascading tile mosaic showers and granite floors with radiant heating to avoid frosty first morning steps, there are no compromises, nothing has been spared.

The list of amenities is staggering, and the available combinations of appointments and optional features are nearly infinite. The ability to run the coach nearly to its electrical limits, miles from the nearest electrical hookup, using only the clean, silent power of its eight marine-grade batteries and four 3,500-watt inverters is a small detail, perhaps, but in a class of high-luxury product where beauty and quality are guaranteed, it’s the subtle but significant differences in livability that quickly separate one coach converter from another. To truly appreciate the production design and attention to electrical engineering detail that allows a Millennium Luxury Coach to do what so many other multi-million-dollar coaches cannot, you’ll have to venture into the mind of its engineer, President and founder Nelson Figueroa, who with his wife, Evelyn, have set out to revolutionize the Prevost conversion industry.

Nelson and Evelyn have been rooted in the luxury coach, yacht and aviation industries for more than 20 years. Known for pushing the envelope, their hands-on, custom approach is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Even today, as Millennium now employs more than 50 men and women at its 100,000-square-foot sales and production facility in Sanford, Florida, Nelson prefers the grease and sweat of working elbow-deep in the underside of a coach to any kind of posh owner’s office. Meanwhile, Evelyn keeps the business running smoothly while spearheading the design and materials selection for the new coaches Millennium builds and sells each year. The combination of a die-hard engineer and a style-conscious businesswoman has led to tremendous growth and success at Millennium. Your “home away from home” should have all the comforts you expect to find at home.

Exterior of coach

Each Millennium Luxury Coach is equipped with a Lutron home-automation operating system that provides fluid, reliable control with seamless connectivity. This sophisticated, hi-leel integration allows for complete user control. Change the channel, adjust the air conditioning or lower the shades all at the touch of a button from the comfort of your armchair. Transform your space and your mood with custom lighting programs, all easily tailored to your preferences. Add one-button touch features to set your favorite music station or adjust the temperature, and the stage has been set for you… the star of the show. “Here at Millennium, we believe making a coach livable requires a radical technique: we spend time living in the coaches we build. It’s as simple as that, but it makes all the difference,” Evelyn explains. “Whenever we are designing or building something new in one of our coaches, whether it’s a new electrical sub-system or arrangement of the kitchen or bath, we take a coach out during the conversion process and live in it for a few days. By the time we get back, we know that this electrical outlet should be in a different place, or the closet should be this much wider, or if we design the control system a little differently, an owner can accomplish a common task in one step instead of three. These are things that you’ll never discover by looking at the diagrams or piecing the coach together in the shop. Until you actually put your family in it and use it just like an owner will, you’ll never be able to design and build it to a level where the owner will feel totally at home. Owners may never understand exactly why our coach just feels so much more comfortable and livable than others, but we do, because we discovered and created those differences ourselves.” It’s in these areas, one subtlety at a time, that Millennium Luxury Coaches has earned its reputation for excellence and an unmatched degree of livable comfort among the growing community of high-end coach owners.

The personal service and support extended to each coach and to each owner is also why Millennium has quietly become one of Prevost’s most valued converters. “We’ve taken the Lutron system one step further by combining it with a persistent, over-the-air, high-speed Internet connection built into every coach,” says Nelson. “While parked at a campsite, or even driving down the road, a Millennium coach’s systems can be monitored, controlled, and even repaired from any Web-enabled device, including the computers in the Millennium service department in Sanford. Also, Millennium’s iPhone app allows complete control of your coach, even when you’ve had to leave it behind. Using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or laptop computer, you can control the Lutron system remotely. If you forgot to turn on your generator’s auto start feature, for example, just remotely log-in and adjust settings. Better still, call one of our helpful technicians and we can make the adjustment for you.”Making residential amenities and technology roadworthy takes another dose of innovation, particularly with regard to weight. Millennium Luxury Coaches prides itself on building the lightest coaches in its class while packing in higher-quality materials and more features than the competition. The dichotomy is possible thanks to Millennium’s experience in avionics and the luxury yacht industry. Just as in boats and planes, every ounce of weight in Millennium coaches is scrutinized, and the company has created some intriguing techniques to keep the weight off while building more luxury in.

Millennium uses a custom milling process for every square-foot of granite in its coaches. The proprietary procedure creates a layer of granite much thinner (and lighter) than what is found in homes or other coaches. The stone is then backed with fiberglass for durability before it is finished and installed. Because so much weight is saved in the milling, granite is not just reserved for countertops in Millennium coaches. Full shower enclosures and entire floors can be done in granite as well, a feat that is impossible in other coaches. Other weight-saving tactics include the use of a specially imported Italian poplar for all of the cabinetry in a Millennium coach. The much-lighter poplar is then faced with genuine burl wood, never laminate — another Millennium signature. Less weight means better fuel economy, safer road handling, and ultimately a much more livable coach. There are no compromises. Nothing has been spared. The finest materials and custom design expertise go hand-in-hand at Millennium. By Chip Colandreo Source: Lake Mary Life

August 2010 – Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina

Heritage Owner Spotlight – Millennium owners Todd & Carolyn Cutrer

Heritage Orlange Beach Motor Coach Resort and Marina - Owner Spotlight, Todd and Carolyn Cutrer

New owners, Carolyn and Todd Cutrer, have wasted no time in settling into the Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina lifestyle. From their custom designed Millennium Prevost XLII Coach to their 2010 Tomberlin Anvil street legal electric resort car, the Cutrers enjoy getting away with their two sons, Evan and Price, and spending family time together on the great Alabama Gulf Coast. The Cutrers got into the motor coach lifestyle after some less than desirable hotel experiences. They knew that the only way that they could have their own bed while traveling was to do so in a motor home. They bought their first RV, an Allegro bus, in 2004. After keeping it for 2 months, they decided that they wanted to try their hands at designing their own coach. They sold the Allegro and designed a 2006 Country Coach Affinity which took 7 months to build. After traveling in the Affinity for 18 months, the desire to design another coach took over and they began working with Millennium Luxury Motor Coaches to build their current Prevost XLII.

The Cutrers had been traveling to the Gulf Shores area for a couple of years with their bus when they decided to purchase a lot. After looking at several resorts, Todd made a quick trip to see what Heritage had to offer. From the cobblestone streets and trees to the beautiful waterfront location, Todd was sold upon his first visit and made a purchase on the spot. According to Todd, at Heritage he saw a resort where the developer had a vision and over delivered on his promises. Remember how Carolyn and Todd enjoy a good design project? Well, Heritage offers them another…the Cutrers are in the process of designing and overseeing the completion of the interior of their coach house, that when finished, will provide them even more space to entertain family and friends.

Todd says that his dad questioned the wisdom of their first RV investment. After seeing the enjoyment that they have living the lifestyle, he has retracted his “bad investment” statement. The Cutrers know that there is no price that can be put on a family who has fun together and enjoys their new home away from home. If there is anyone out there who can’t find a way to relax…give Todd a call. He’ll be the first to tell you that Heritage is the answer.

Source: Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina

May 2010 – Millennium’s Spring Rally

Millennium Heads to The Dell for their Spring Rally

Millennium Rally at The Dell
(Sevierville, Tennessee) – Bringing 20 coaches, the Millennium Luxury Coach Rally in the Smokie Mountains will promote an experience for the coach owner beyond all others. Vonna Yates of Millennium Luxury Coaches says, “We are incredibly excited about this trip, the Smiths, owner of the Dell Luxury RV resort and their association, are true professionals, very kind and extremely helpful.” The Dell, located in Hidden Mountain Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee, is possibly the finest luxury RV Resort in the Smokie Mountains. All guests of The Dell during the Millennium Luxury Coach Rally will have access to the numerous amenities at the Hidden Mountain Resort. These include a River Walk that connects to walking trails, golf cart paths, picnic pavilions and fully stocked fishing ponds, award-winning pools and a beautiful clubhouse. Come see one of the many incredible Millennium Luxury Coaches at The Dell in Hidden Mountain, May 10-14. Source: The Dell Motorcoach Resort

August 2008 – Millennium Moves to New Facility

Hearthside Congratulates Millennium on their New Facilities

Millennium Sales and Service
Last summer we hosted the folks from Millennium and found them to be as gracious and elegant as their coaches, so it is with great pleasure we celebrate with them the grand opening of their new, 8000 sq ft sales and service center in Sanford, Florida. Nelson, Evelyn, Vonna, and all the rest, our hats off to you! And once you’ve enjoyed the sales and service at Millennium, there’s no better dream destination to experience than Hearthside Grove Class A Motorcoach Resort in Petoskey, Michigan, a gem in the heart of the region’s most popular four-season resort area. Source: Heartside Grove Luxury Motorcoach Resort

May 2007 – Prevost-Stuff

Millennium Luxury Coaches Announces the Grand Opening of their New 8,000 sq. ft. Sales and Service Center! Located just a few blocks from their production facility and conveniently right off I-4, their new facility services all makes and models of RV’s with a fully stocked parts department. “The demand for remodeling and upgrades has increased so much in the last year, it just made sense,” says President Nelson Figueroa. The new facility features inside and outside covered parking, as well as 50 amp service; a real convenience for those who are staying in their coach while obtaining service.

Whether designing a new coach or just adding an exciting fresh look to an existing coach, the new Design Center is fully equipped to meet everyone’s needs. With over 2,000 vendors represented there’s something for everyone. Millennium has established relationships with “stocking vendors” to maintain easy access to inventory with quick ship times for materials and parts. “We want our clients to be back on the road as quickly as possible!” With the concern for our environment ever growing and the cost of fuel skyrocketing, more and more clients are updating their coaches to make them more environmentally friendly and easier on the pocketbook! “One of the most requested updates in our service department” according to Brian Miller, Service Manager “is the retrofit of active tire monitoring systems to monitor air pressure …properly inflated tires greatly increase your fuel economy.”

Millennium Luxury Coaches believes that when the environment benefits, we all benefit. Great service, new technology and expert knowledge are all vital to this industry, but it’s that extra level of concierge service that sets Millennium Luxury Coaches apart.

Source: Prevost-Stuff

July 2006 – A Tour of Millennium’s Operations

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Millennium Luxury Coaches facility in Sanford, Florida. My host for the tour was Evelyn Figueroa, who, with her husband Nelson, own and operate this premiere luxury coach conversion company. Founded in 2001, the Figueroa’s maintain the highest standard of quality in a Luxury Motorhome. Upon entering the office area I was met by Evelyn who set an upbeat friendly tone and clearly expressed her pride in the Millennium product. As the tour progressed it soon became clear that Evelyn’s sense of ownership was equaled by her knowledge of every aspect of coach design, development and service. The facility was clean and well lit. We were able to tour a coach in production and a recently finished coach. As we walked through the different production areas I met people with expertise from hand made cabinetry to ground breaking electronics. Nelson’s engineering background and commitment to improvement in all aspects of coach design is clearly evident in the production process.

Millennium Luxury Coaches chooses the finest materials from the world over to insure that customers having a coach built by Millennium receive the very best. Using a Prevost Bus chassis, Millennium otherwise builds each coach as a unique entity, incorporating the latest technological advances throughout the coach. I was impressed with the computer-based home automation system allowing remote access to coach controls including temperature and lighting. The stunningly appointed interior of a Millennium Luxury Coach is a magnificent alliance of form, function and luxury. Fine wood cabinetry, supple leather upholstery, and smooth lines help make the Millennium Luxury Coach among the finest Luxury Coaches available. For the design of a truly custom coach, take the time to visit Millennium Luxury Coaches in Sanford, Florida. Backed by owners on site who cater to your unique needs, don’t make your choice until you’ve visited Millennium.

Source: Prevost-Stuff

November 2005 – Family Motor Coaching

Nelson Figueroa, Our Leader and One Cool Dude

It’s been almost 10 years, but I remember it well. I arrived at Vantare (then owned by Mike Guth) to do a coach review for Family Motor Coaching magazine. An affable young fellow named Nelson Figueroa took me on a walk-through of the coach I was to test, and got me quickly on the road. Not only was he an expert about the product at hand (which he had helped to design and build), but he talked in terms that quickly got me up to speed and on my way. At that time, I thought, “This fellow has got it all together. I bet that he makes his mark on the world, be it in luxury motor coaches or, for that matter, anything else that he elects to do.”Recently I met Nelson again, this time at Millennium Luxury Coaches in Sanford, Florida. When he introduced himself as the president and owner of the company, I was not surprised to learn that he has achieved even greater success in this industry.Nelson possesses a strong education and technical background in electronics (aviation, ocean-going vessels, and automotive), as well as mechanical, structural, and fluid systems. Plus he has the creativity that’s required to design and fabricate cutting-edge luxury motorhomes. As Nelson explained to me, great technical minds often lack the ability to focus on the business part of a company. That is why, normally, engineers are engineers and business managers are business managers. So, the second half of this company’s leadership is provided by vice president Evelyn Figueroa, who handles the daily operations of the business while also creating the beautiful interiors for which Millennium is recognized.

In 2001 Nelson and Evelyn combined their talents, experience, and skills and established Millennium Luxury Coaches. With the company’s roots in the yachting industry, its focus on technology, and its use of composite construction, Nelson explains that Millennium coaches are among the lightest for their size on the road today. Located at 1600 Bobby Lee Point, in an industrial park in Sanford, the facility includes 16,000 square feet of floor space, 12 bays where the Millennium Luxury Coaches are created, shop space, and office space, all of which sits on two acres. Nelson and Evelyn have assembled a group of talented individuals, each with an area of expertise that enables them to carry the Millennium banner forward.

Millennium Luxury Coaches employs 42 specialists that include technicians, designers, coach builders, and administrative support. The sales force is led by Chuck Kovacs, who has 11 years of experience in satisfying the needs of clients for new and preowned luxury coaches.Nelson said that the company currently converts a dozen Prevost bus shells each year into luxury coaches — Prevost shells are the only ones Millennium uses. The Millennium team specializes in converting both the H3-45 and the XLII Prevost chassis shells. Several floor plans are available in both coach models, as are special custom floor plans that can be created by the client.

Currently, Millennium Luxury Coaches can be enjoyed with one or two slideouts, which Prevost designs, builds, and installs in its shells. Millennium does not add additional slideouts. Nelson said he believes that the limit placed on the number of slides makes good sense. He noted that he relies on Prevost’s design and engineering expertise to incorporate the slides in its bus shells. When Prevost begins offering three slideouts — which is forecast to be in the near future — only then will Millennium offer triple slideouts in its coach conversions. Nelson said it is a reliability- and quality-based decision. As noted earlier, Millennium converts a dozen shells each year, which is exactly where Evelyn wants the company to be. She explained that 12 coach conversions each year is a comfortable and very doable pace, where the highest level of attention to excellence and detail can be guaranteed.In parallel with the design and conversion side of the business and the sale of preowned luxury coaches is the service side, which Nelson has cultivated and nurtured ever so carefully, and for good reason.

The Millennium service department, located on-site, is one of the business tools that have worked so well for growing this company. Again and again, Nelson said, coach enthusiasts initially come in for scheduled maintenance or the resolution of some systems problem and eventually return to have their coaches renovated and upgraded. When many of these coach owners begin looking around for a new coach or a newer preowned coach, they end up coming back to Millennium, and they tell their motor coaching compatriots about the great service they received from Millennium.

For both H3-45 and XLII coach conversions, the list of equipment that Millennium includes as standard is legion. In fact, a standard-equipped Millennium is all that many custom coach conversion enthusiasts will ever want or need. For example, the bedroom includes a Sony five-disc DVD/CD player, a 32-inch flat-screen monitor, electric shades, a mirrored ceiling, and custom bedding. In the bath area is a custom curved shower and a Headhunter elongated commode. The galley features a full-size, rounded-front side-by-side refrigerator (with in-the-door ice maker and water dispenser); a stacked washer-dryer; a coffee maker; a handheld vacuum cleaner; a pull-out pantry; a glass display cabinet with tumblers and wine glasses; a wine bottle cabinet; and a granite dinette table and galley.

The front lounge or salon area on every Millennium coach features Denon audio-video equipment, a five-disc DVD/CD stereo system with speakers, and a 42-inch flat-screen plasma monitor that is mounted on a motorized lift. The cockpit comes equipped with a Pioneer AM/FM/DVD/GPS/MP3 stereo, a mapping system, a CB radio, electric privacy shades, granite flooring in the stairwell, an Isringhausen air-ride driver’s seat, and a Villa International copilot seat. Millennium heating and air-conditioning systems include only the Aqua-Hot heating system and four rooftop air conditioners with heat pumps. Among the other standard appointments are an in-motion satellite dish, an HWH leveling system, a 17.5-kw PowerTech diesel generator with auto-start feature, two 4,000-watt Trace inverters, a Glendinning electric reel for management of the shoreline cord, and an auxiliary air compressor.

January 2005 – Millennium Sells a New Coach on the Very First Day of the Super Show

Millennium Luxury Coaches, of Sanford Florida, brought a new Millennium H3-45 Prevost coach to the 2005 Tampa Super Show and sold it on the first day of the show. The coach, weighing in at just 50,000, features six televisions, including a 32-inch plasma in the bay and a 42-inch display in the salon. The first bay of the coach is fully open and bays 2 and 3 have 3/4 open space for storage purposes. With full engine dressings, Zip-Dee awnings throughout, the coach offers a 200 gallon fresh water system and granite floors which are heated for user convenience. Nelson and Evelyn Figueroa, proud owners of Millennium, were understandably pleased with the success of the show, and the popularity of their advanced technology.High energy Millennium soon to be in the hands of new owners. Source – Prevost-Stuff

November 2003 – The Growth of Millennium

On September 1, 2001, Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa opened the doors of Millennium Luxury Coach in Sanford Florida. Since that day, and 23 coaches later, the original vision of building the finest, lightest and most technologically advanced coach available in the Prevost conversion marketplace has remained, solidified, and is central in the firm’s vision for the future. “When our customers leave with their new coach, they may as well have our names on it,” said Evelyn, “We want it to be that way; we are not an ‘entity,’ to our customers,” we are a group of people who care about customers and their coaches. Despite the 40+ employees of Millennium Luxury Coach, the final step before delivering a new coach is when the Figueroa’s spend their own time in the coach, often on weekends, testing, probing, trying every function of the coach, and then finally cleaning it themselves before delivery to the customer. ” You will be amazed what you find when you clean a motor coach” said Nelson. Source: Prevost-Stuff

2007 Millennium H3-45, S2 #0382

  • This well kept coach and trailer are looking for a new home. Light cabinets and black leather combine to form a richly elegant home away from home. A 24 foot Haulmark stacker trailer completes the package, allowing you room for your car, golf cart and a motorcycle. The only thing missing is you!

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  • Model – 2017 Millennium H3-45 S2
    Length – 45.0 FT
    Type – Prevost
    Engine Type – Detroit Series 60
    Fuel Type – Diesel
    Slides – Two (2): One Front, One Rear
    Color – Black/Gold/Mocha Frost/Diamond White/Copper
    Stock Number – #0386

  • Video Coming Soon! Keep checking back in!
  • This coach is currently located in Sanford, Florida.